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Accessions Report - Fall 2009

Wednesday morning volunteers

Our busy season is almost upon us. Your Accessions Committee has been like the rest of the residents in Twentynine Palms. Our members have taken vacations or had company. That left us short-staffed at many of our meetings. The donations also slowed. It’s towards the end of August as I write this and Sue McMahan, Cheryl Erickson, and Bunny Broadman are still busy elsewhere. The donations, however, are picking up again.

Marilyn Fernald has created a new exhibit in the main exhibit room to honor the start of the school year. Pat Heumann is busily update the membership renewals, new members, any benefactor or life memberships, and continuing entering the data on the Generations Projects. Pat Rimmington is working on photos and repairing or creating new albums that are in our library. The years have taken their toll.

Les Snodgrass has all the information for our upcoming Weed Show, Willie Boy presentation, and other events updated on our website:

Our Accessions Committee meets every Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We’re available to help those wishing to do research. We take requests for research by e-mail or the written request arriving by snail mail, and are delighted to see those who walk-in. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests.

  1. DVD: Joshua Tree National Park by Scrub Oak Productions, 2009. Donated by Steve Meier of Scrub Oak Productions.
  2. Copy of Index Great Register of Voters 1886-1890 County of San Bernardino County. Donated by the Morongo Basin Genealogy Society.
  3. Old photographs of Security Bank and Security Bank employees. Negatives of Europe 1974 trip. Donated by Deborah Ohlfs.
  4. Business Card: Valley Electric Motors, 29 Palms Theatre programs, Girl Scouts 1954 Conference letter giving unit prices at the 29 Palms Inn. Donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  5. Magazine: Desert Spotlight, October 1946 issue, Vol. 1, No. 7. Donated by Diana Lindsay, President of Sunbelt Publications.
  6. Many colored Mexican Serape with different Pioneer Day souvenir buttons pinned up and down the front. Donated by Sharon Stack.
  7. Crystalline Rocket Southwestern California (with map) by Dept. of Natural Resources, several authors, published by State of California.
  8. Gem Hunters Guide by Russell P. MacFall, 5th edition, published 1975 by Thomas Crowe H Co.
  9. Desert Gem Trails by Mary Francis Strong, published 1971 by Gembooks.
  10. Growing Up at the Desert Queen Ranch by Willis Keys and Art Kidwell. Published 1997 by Desert Press, Twentynine Palms.
  11. Minerals and Rocks by Salem J. Rice, furnished to California Schools by California Divisions of Mines and Geology. Published 1975
  12. How and Where to Pan Gold by Wayne Winters, published by Nugget Publications.
  13. The Week-end Gold Miner by A. H. Ryan, PhD pub. by A. T. R. Enterprises, 1968.
  14. Animal Homing Migration Through BioGeo Magnetic Beaming by Major Huber, published by Calico Press, 29 Palms.
  15. Lost Mines of Old Arizona by Harold O. Weight. Inscribed and signed by author. All of the books (7 through 15) were found in our library and donors are unknown.
  16. The Desert Training Center/California-Arizona Maneuver Area 1942-1944, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Both are by Matt C. Bischoff, published by the Bureau of Land Management, California District.
  17. Historic map of Desert Training Center operations, published by BLM, California District. Books and map donated by Rolla Queen of BLM.
  18. Gem Trails in California by Mickey Broman, Revised 1978 Edition, pub. by Gem Guides.
  19. Reminiscences About The San Bernardino County Library, pub. 1974. Last two books donated by Pat Rimmington.
  20. 6’X3’ Poster of Chuck Kaiser done by Don Malone in 1982 for Chuck’s 60th birthday party. Poster is signed by the attendees. Donated by Sue Kaiser.
  21. Introduction to Geophysical Prospecting by Milton B. Dobrin, 1952, published by McGraw J. Hill Book Co. Found in museum library without Accessions’ Number.
  22. CD Photo collection from Willis Keys’ Growing Up at Desert Queen compiled by Jim Wharff. Willis Keys okayed transfer. Wharff gave CD to Les Snodgrass to donate.
  23. Skate key made by Roller Skate Co., Chicago, IL. Donated by Les Snodgrass.
  24. The Archeology of Mitchell Caverns, California Archeological Reports No. 25, 1989 by State of California.
  25. Resource periodicals, old newspapers, and clipped news items. Items 24 and 25 donated by Al and Marion Gartner.
  26. Two VCR tapes of Huell Howser’s Old Schoolhouse Move show. Donated by Gene Ludwig.
  27. Certificate of Recognition to Ida B. Colaw from the Twentynine Palms Historical Society/Old Schoolhouse Museum for her contribution as a docent and other endeavors for our society. Signed by Gene Ludwig, President.
  28. 15”X16” Mixed Media artwork on wooden board done by Ida Colaw. She incorporated colored sand, rocks, and paint to create a three dimensional desert scene. Items 27 and 28 are from the Ida B. Colaw Estate through agents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenberg.
  29. Favorite Recipes compiled by Evening Circle, Little Church of the Desert 1979.
  30. The Working Women’s Way Cookbook, The Little of the Desert, no date.
  31. Cooking With Love from Blessed Sacrament School 1983.
  32. Whats Cooking on the High Desert 1976 by Twentynine Palms Business & Professional Women’s Club.
  33. Europe ’74 Cook Book compiled by staff & students of Europe ’74 in October 1973.
  34. Try It----You’ll Like It (cookbook) compiled by Twentynine Elementary School PTA 1972. All cookbooks found in box in the Archival Room. None had Accession numbers.
  35. Ceramic coffee mug for the Twentynine Palms Community Hospital. Found by Sue Kelly and given to Pat Rimmington to donate to the museum.
  36. The Desert Year by Joseph Wood Krutch, published by Penguin 1979.
  37. The Voice of the Desert by Joseph Wood Krutch published by Morrow Quill Paperbacks 1980.
  38. Mohave Desert Voices edited by Clifford J. Walker, published by Mojave River Valley Museum Assoc. Signed by descendants of pioneer families.
  39. Images of America Route 66 in California by Glen Duncan and the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation, published 2005. Inscribed and signed by author.
  40. Good Samaritans of Death Valley by John and Barbara Marnell, published by Mohave Desert Heritage and Cultural Assoc. 2005.
  41. Keepers of the Caves by Jack Mitchell, published by Tales of the Mohave Road Publishing Co. 2003.
  42. Maruba Homesteading in Lanfair Valley by Maude Morrow Sharp and Margaret Sharp Moore, published by Tales of the Mohave Road, Oct. 2004.
  43. Pilgrims in the Desert by LeHayes, published by Mojave River Valley Historical Association, 2005. Inscribed and signed by author.
  44. Runways in the Sand by Art Wilson, self published in Canada. No date, signed and inscribed by author. Items 36 through 44 donated by Joe de Kehoe.

Thanks to everyone that kept us busy. We do have a great number of items from the estate of our friend, Doreen Chamberlin. I wanted to make sure that no more would arrive; plus, some items came in while this was going to press.

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