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Accessions Report - Winter 2009

Wednesday morning volunteers

The busy season is in full swing. If you drop by on a Wednesday morning expect to see people working on projects in the library and in the office. Others drop in to do research. We all pitch in to see that they have the files and/or papers they need. Donations have become steady and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with them.

Marilyn Fernald is busy creating the December exhibit. Be sure to visit it. We have a treasure from the early days of Twentynine Palms that will make the Christmas display sparkle. Pat Heumann has been busy with membership renewals, new members, and life memberships that came in during our Old Timers Gathering and the Weed Show. Pat Rimmington isn't completely exhausted from the Weed Show and is once again identifying people in the photos we receive. She's even volunteered to become a docent again.

Bunny Boardman is entering the accessions data into the computer. She's so caught up she is into 2009 and about to catch up with me.

Velma Holland continues to put the librarian's code onto the accessed books and create the cards for the file.

A new member of the Accessions team is Dan Luckenbill. He is helping with the files and plans to scan all photographs into our computer programs. That is something we've had planned for years, but haven't done so.

Les Snodgrass has posted all of the exhibits from our Weed Show. Believe me, they are spectacular! He continues to keep the site updated on all our doings and events. It is well worth a visit to:

Our accessions committee meets every Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We're available to help those wishing to do research. We take requests for research by e-mail or the written request arriving by snail mail, and are delighted to see those who walk-in. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests.

  1. Ice tongs from the Twentynine Palms ice house with the original red paint.
  2. Route 66-The Mother Road, 75th Anniversary Edition published 2001 by Michael Wallis. These two items donated by Jim Woolsey.
  3. Military lighter from WWII. Donated by Marilyn Fernald.
  4. Gone the Way of the Earth-Indian Slave Trade in the Old Southwest by Clifford J. Walker, published by Mojave River Valley Museum Publication. Donated by Mojave River Valley Museum Association.
  5. Large map of Saltus (mining community) and smaller map with written information and description of home occupants.
  6. Oral history tape and duplicate tape: Betty Hunter Donnerstag.
  7. Transcript or oral history of Betty Hunter Donnerstag.
  8. 12 photos of Hunter Donnerstag family.
  9. Tape of oral telephone interview with Dr. Ray Clarke, Curator of Smithsonian Institute. He supervised removal and analysis of Old Woman Meteorite.
  10. Transcript of Dr. Ray Clark's interview.
  11. Tape of interview with Rachel Vargas Maldonado. She was a resident of Saltus and Amboy. Items five through eleven donated by Joe de Kehoe.
  12. The California Deserts by Edmund C. Jaeger, fourth edition, 1968, Stanford Univ. Press. Donated by Jim Woolsey.
  13. 10 inch high, 9 inch round bottom natural clay olla.
  14. Falcon's Junior High 1971-1972 Year Book.
  15. Twentynine Palms High School 1974 Class Reunion Book.
  16. 1973 Falcon Junior High Year Book.
  17. 1969-1970 Twentynine Palms Intermediate School Year Book.
  18. Twentynine Palms 1977 invitation for 30 year reunion.
  19. Twentynine Palms 1977 Commencement Exercises.
  20. Broken purple glass candle holder. Items 13 through 20 donated by Mike and Karen Jackson.
  21. Handcrafted, two story dollhouse. White siding, wood floors, furniture, two sets of doll dishes, lights and transformer. Donated by Michael McGrorty.
  22. Map of 1940s San Bernardino County showing Highway 66. Donated by Omar Snodgrass.
  23. Several old Desert Trails donated by Sue Kaiser.
  24. Several photographs of Henry Mockel and wife, Virginia Dale Mine, early photos of the Historic Plaza. Donated by Rosemary Brockway.
  25. The North American Deserts by Edmund C. Jaeger; published by Stanford University. Donated by Jim Woolsey.
  26. Very weathered wooden bench from the Desert Stage Lines. Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  27. Over 100 pictures, 22 of the Emblem Club.
  28. Biography and thoughts on democracy by Doreen Chamberlain.
  29. Clippings of Doreen Chamberlain's activities through the years.
  30. 46 Proclamations and Certificates honoring Doreen Chamberlain.
  31. 12" x 26" purple banner with gold fringe. Emblem Club 395 embroidered in gold letters.
  32. Red heavy rayon vest trimmed in white embroidery.
  33. Red velvet cap with California 656 embroidery and two gold cootie bugs and blue tassel.
  34. Red Velvet cap with Desert Roadrunner in circle.
  35. White scrapbook of Emblem Club activities, clippings, photos, and programs from 1979 to 1980.
  36. Wooden plaque Honorary Judge 1999 Pioneer Day and Key to the City to Doreen Chamberlain.
  37. Walnut plaque for Ambassador of the Year Award to Doreen Chamberlain, June 2000.
  38. Walnut plaque with brass trim Distinguished Service Award Kiwanis CAL-NEV-HA Foundation presented to Doreen Chamberlain 2002-2003.
  39. Walnut plaque with blue metal plate, Kiwanis International and white plate has Doreen Chamberlain and 29 Palms 1991-1992 Committee Chairman Award.
  40. Dark wood plaque (printed paper on it covered with plastic), Reach Out 29 proudly recognizes Doreen Chamberlain. Signed by Sandy Fleck. Dated September 6, 2003.
  41. Wooden frame around black metal plate with American Flag: In appreciation to Doreen Chamberlain Parade Chairman 1985 Pioneer Days.
  42. 11 smaller metal plates from 1981 and 2002 from different organizations in appreciation of the work and hours contributed by Doreen Chamberlain. All items from Doreen Chamberlain's estate were donated by Tina Bassvon.
  43. Folding yard stick from Kenney's 29 Palms Drug Store. Donated by Ken DeWitt.
  44. Three photos of moving the Old Schoolhouse. One has "Foot" for measuring the donations. Also an invitation to the opening of "Shades of Twentynine Palms" Reception and Exhibit. Donated by Velma Holland.
  45. Photo copy of Bernal family taken in Amboy 1936 and a paper copy with each one identified.
  46. Transcript of telephone interview with Hannah Jo Bass nee Toothhaker formerly of Chubbuck, CA. Her father ran the store, Post Office, and commissary.
  47. Two blue binders containing transcription of an interview with William Frank Duke; known as Frank. He lived at Saltus for 40 years. Currently lives in 29 Palms. Items 45 through 47 donated by Joe de Kehoe.
  48. Copy of poem and envelope sent to Leah Scrimshaw by William Keys. Donated by Pamela McMackin.
  49. Two 8" x 10" color photographs of Oh-Bay-Yo-Yo taken February 6, 1954. Donated by Howard Cook, a former student at the Old Schoolhouse and math teacher.
  50. Sculpture of cowboy with lasso made from two horseshoes. He has lasso, chaps, hat, scarf, and holstered pistol. Made and donated by Willis Keys.
  51. Transcription of telephone interview with Jess Anderson, an eye witness to the recovery of Old Woman Meteorite.
  52. 13 photos (originals and copies) of old Bakersfield.
  53. Transcription of an interview with William Everett Bergee. It has information on Amboy, Amboy Crater, routes through the desert, and Dish Mill Mine.
  54. Transcription of an interview with Ruben Alfaro Arizaga and Maria nee Limon Arizaga. They were former residents of Saltus.
  55. Oral History Evaluations Guidelines, published by Oral History Association 2007.
  56. Using Oral History in Community History Projects published by Oral History Association 2007.
  57. Oral History for the Family Historian published by Oral History Association 2006. Items 51 through 57 donated by Joe de Kehoe.
  58. The Wood...The Cars...The People, 2005 National Woodie Club. Published by Turner Publication Staff. Donated by Jerri Hagman.
  59. 1970s bottle painted with a desert scene and the London Bridge by Wanda Porter. Donated by Marion Gartner.
  60. Woman's straw hat decorated with Pioneer Day buttons. Found by door.
  61. Purple glass lamp with lighter purple glass shade. Donated by Gerry Gates.
  62. Guide to Morongo Valley Wild Flowers by Barbara Kobaly, republished edition of 1964 release. Signed by author. Given to Weed Show Chairman, Pat Rimmington by Barbara "Babs" Kobaly.
  63. Ambush The Story of Bill Keys by Art Kidwell, published by Pioneer Publishing Co. 1979.
  64. Sand in My Shoe by Helen Bagley. Published by Adobe Road Publishing 1997.
  65. The Man Who Captured Sunshine by Katherine Ainsworth, published by ETC Publication 1978. The last three books donated by Diana Robertson.

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