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Accessions Report - Spring 2010

Wednesday morning volunteers

Activities slowed a bit after the holidays. I’m sure this is but a lull while people recuperate. We’re still working on projects. Pat Rimmington, Sue McMahan, and Marilyn Fernald will never run out of photographs to identify. Neither will the paper filing disappear. Researchers do come by on Wednesday morning to go through our extensive files.

Marilyn Fernald has changed the Christmas exhibit into Toy Central. Be sure to visit the museum and see all the toys waiting for someone to use them again. Membership renewals and the Generation Project keep Pat Heumann occupied. Bunny Boardman is beginning to wonder if the accessions and library acquisitions will ever decrease enough to say that it has all been entered into the computer.

Velma Holland continues to work with getting the accessed books out on the library shelves. Dan Luckenbill is arranging the program for scanning our photographs. Les Snodgrass (our new Twentynine Palms Historical Society’s president) is (or by the time you read this has done so) rearranging the shelves in our Archival Room to better utilize our storage area. Les keeps our website updated on all our doings and events. If you want to know what is happening or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

Our Accessions Committee meets every Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We’re available to help those wishing to do research. We take requests for research by e-mail or the written request arriving by snail mail, and are delighted to see those who walk-in. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests.

  1. Sky’s the Limit fan. This was left at the Weed Show.
  2. Crosswind, Twentynine Palms Air Academy, Twentynine Palms, California Class 44 B.
  3. Two copies of Safe at Dalby’s by F. H. Brink, pub. 1973.
  4. The Sands of my Life by Emily Wright, signed by author, pub. 1994. The last three were found in the library without Accessions numbers.
  5. Curiosity Bundle by Karen Arlene Moore Kruger, pub. 1991. Signed and donated by the author. All the above books were found in the library without Archival Numbers.
  6. Bible: This belonged to Oran A. Booth. He wrote his name on the first page. Bible was published March 22, 1915. Donated by Lowella Parker.
  7. 14 X 22-1/2 inch fiberboard sign. It stood at the back entrance to Marine Base. It states: U.S. Government Property. No Entry. Use Main Gate Only.
  8. Four Gold Tip Gum boxes in four different colors for the different flavors.
  9. Poster of Conrad Dobler in uniform. Seven through nine donated by Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  10. AN/PRC 77 Military Radio from WWII. It has handset and tape antenna. Unknown donor.
  11. Condor Field Flood light from Condor Field. Donated by Bob and Edie Carter through Charley Matherly.
  12. Framed Spirit of the Oases; the original artwork. Donated by Action Council.
  13. Several newspaper clippings concerning Helen Bagley, her book, Sand in My Shoe, and a poem.
  14. Brochure, obituary for Helen Bagley, several old cards.
  15. Poem by Donald LePage, and letter from Don Malone. Items 13 through 15 donated by Betty Holmes.
  16. Oases Rock Club Emblem pen set in plastic. Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  17. Book: Life in the Desert sponsored by the World Book Encyclopedia. Written by Anna Myron Sutton, pub. by McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1966.
  18. Book: 1895-1930 The Wonderful World of Automobiles edited by Joseph J. Schroeder Jr., pub. by DBI Books Inc. No publishing date given. Both books donated by Marilyn Fernald.
  19. Ballpoint pen given as advertising for Casa de Jaia y Musica. Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  20. Microfilm of The Desert Trail Jan-June 2008 and microfilm of The Desert Trail July-Jan. 2008. Donated by the Desert Trail.
  21. Fountain glass from the original Kenney’s Drugstore Soda Fountain c. 1946.
  22. Sunday Glass from Kenney’s Drugstore Soda Fountain.
  23. Small glass creamer from Kenney’s Drugstore Soda Fountain. All three items donated by Jim Woolsey.
  24. Toy red Texaco Gas Truck c. 1950s. Hast the Texaco Star. Donated by Jim Woolsey.
  25. Obituary service record for William Franklin Keys. Donated by Linda Theodore.
  26. Security Pacific Bank Money/Deposit bag with zippered key and lock. Used by the May Carle Guild. Donated by Little Church of the Desert through Cheryl Erickson.
  27. Security Pacific Bank Tournament of Roses 1986 pin in box with Nizhoni Moses Ltd. Donated by Cheryl Erickson.
  28. Book: Joshua Tree National Monument A Visitors Guild by Robert Cates, pub. by Live Oak Press 1984,and signed by author. Donated by Pat Rimmington.

Remember if you have Twentynine Palms history stored in your garage or a spare closet, don’t throw it away. It’s amazing the different areas of research that are requested. It’s not only the lives of people, but researchers want to know, "What did the interior of the buildings look like?" There were no flash cameras long ago. Many times these descriptions are written in letters or journals. You can bring the item or items by on Wednesday mornings or give us a call to see if we are interested.

Thanks to everyone who donated. We appreciate your confidence in our ability to conserve your history.

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