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Accessions Report - Summer 2010

Wednesday morning volunteers

Your Accessions Committee has been busier than ever as our community and families of the people who once lived here have been giving us their history and their treasures. Some have verged on incredible. There are so many items I did not have time to archive them all prior to your editor's deadline.

The Friday night lectures are usually not mentioned here, but our last lecture featured historian, desert researcher, and author Joe de Kehoe talking about the desert area by Amboy and a very small portion of Route 66. For those who would like to pursue more information, please be aware that Mr. de Kehoe has generously donated his transcripts and oral recordings from there. They are available for research along with our other files and archival materials. Our Accessions Committee meets every Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

For those that live further away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. Plus, if you want to know what is happening or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Tales from a Thirsty Land, an anthology by the Desert Writers Guild of Twentynine Palms. Self published 2009, dedicated to Mary Richardson. One author's signature. Donated by Desert Writer's Guild.
  2. Action Council's 2009 Mural Calendar, designed by Don Van Blaricam. Donated by Action Council.
  3. 20" x14" poster: The Last Posse-An Inquest from the Twentynine Palms Historical Society's fund raiser. The event was a commemoration of the 1909 Willie Boy anniversary. Donated by the Twentynine Palms Historical Society.
  4. Two VCR tapes of the Weed Show for the years: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995. There is also an Old Schoolhouse Tour. Taped by Dora H. Noradoun.
  5. Book: Goops and How to be Them by Gele H. Burgess, published by Frederick A. Stokes Co., 2nd printing, 1932. A book of manners.
  6. Four Marjorie Butler oral interview tapes.
  7. Harley Porter oral interview tape.
  8. Marge Pody and Ann Martin 4-25-88 oral interview tape.
  9. Mead Adobe. Taylors oral interview tape.
  10. Trigg oral interview tape 6-10-86.
  11. Keys oral interview tape 4-21-86.
  12. Helen Bagley oral interview tape 3-9-85.
  13. 29 years in 29 Palms (Bagley celebration), Bagley Calypso, and The Lady from 29 Palms.
  14. Two oral interview tapes of David Chapman, 29 Palms 1999.
  15. John Eaton oral interview tape.
  16. Martin oral interview tape.
  17. Adobe investigation on Bowers tape.
  18. Enid Reibel oral interview tape 7-29-89.
  19. Two Irene Geir oral interview tapes 2-25-85.
  20. Janet Eichorn oral interview tape 4-5-89.
  21. Twentynine Palms Monopoly game, instructions, dice, money and tokens. Items 4 through 21 donated by Pat Rimmington.
  22. Quartz Family Minerals-A Handbook for Mineral Collectors by H.C. Dake, Frank L. Fleener, and Ben Wilson. Published by Whittlesey House, London, 1938. Oran Booth is written on first page.
  23. Microscopic Determination of the Ore Minerals. Geological Survey Bulletin 914 by M. N. Short, 2nd edition, U.S. Dept. of Interior, 5th printing 1968. Oran Booth stamped on first page. The two books were found in the library without accession numbers.
  24. Good Samaritans of Death Valley-Lou Wescott and Rufus by John and Barbara Marnell. Pub. By Tales of the Mojave Road Pub. Co. 2005. Donated by Joe de Kehoe.
  25. Geological Investigations of Strontium Deposits in Southern California. Special Report number 32 by Cordell Durrell, pub. 1953 by State of California, Division of Mines.
  26. Assaying Ores and Bullion. Revision of Information Circular 7695 by H.H. Heady and K.G. Broadhea U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Mines, 1977. Last two publications found in library without accession numbers.
  27. The Cahuilla Indians of North America by Frank W. Porter III, Lowell John Bean, and Lisa Bourgeault. Chelsea House Publishers 1989.
  28. Chemehuevi People of the Coachella Valley by Chemehuevi Press 1997.
  29. Family Favorites from Little Church of the Desert, pub. by Little Church of the Desert 1998.
  30. Temalpakh Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage of Plants by Lowell John Bean and Katherine Siva Saubel. Pub. By Malki Press 1972.
  31. Desert Wildflowers and Edmund C. Jaeger, Stanford University Press 1999.
  32. Desert Wildlife by Edmund C. Jaeger, Stanford University Press 1999.
  33. Watchable Birds of the Southwest by Mary Taylor Gay. Mountain Press Publishing Co., 1995.
  34. Scorpions and Venomous Insects of the Southwest by Erik D. Stoops and Jeffrey L. Martin. Golden West Publications 2000.
  35. Colorado Desert Wildflowers by Jon Mark Stewart. Cachuma Press 1992.
  36. The Lizard Watching Guide by Sherburn R. Sanborn. Lorraine Press 1994.
  37. Early Users of California Plants by Edward K. Balls. Univ. of California Press 1996.
  38. Mojave Desert Wildflowers by Jon Mark Stewart. Self published 1998.
  39. Indians and Desert Animals by James W. Cornett. Natures Trails Press 2000.
  40. Desert Palm Oasis by James W. Cornett. Self published 1989.
  41. Fine Art of California Indian Basketry by Bibby. Pub. by Hayday Books. No date. Items numbers27 through 41 donated by Glee Briggs, from India, through Marilyn Fernald.
  42. 29 Palms advertisements sold by 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce 2010: Key chains, pin and magnet. Donated by Cheryl Erickson.
  43. Commemorative Wells Fargo Stage Coach presented to Bertha Phillip. August 1994 for 13 years of service. It sits on wooden plaque, beautifully crafted. Donor unknown.
  44. Ranch branding iron. Donated by Bob and Edie Carter.
  45. Louisville Slugger baseball bat 1255 Special Ted Williams edition. Signed by the 29 Palms High School baseball team.
  46. California Mining Journal February 1952. Vol.21 No.6.
  47. Westways magazine. April 1936.
  48. Westways magazine March 1956.
  49. Small box of pins from different Pioneer Days and Joshua Tree Monument, Key Chain advertising Watkins products, and pendant made from tumbled rock.
  50. Ramona's Restaurant menu. Items 45 through 50 donated by Wes Fish.
  51. U.S. Military Mess Spoon from Patton Camp near Iron Mountain. Donated by Joan Jackson.
  52. Handmade doll: Partially a rag doll with forms inside face and body. Yarn hair and features, wire spectacles, hand tatting on collar apron, petticoat and pantaloons. Handwork of Phoebe Bixby.
  53. Sewing aids: Tape measure hidden in small figurine, round of rosin thread wax, J.B. Coats thread spool. All items used by Phoebe Bixby.
  54. The Bixby's (homesteaders) grandson Edward R. Chapman's baby items: hospital baby bracelet, blue beads, the name CHAPMAN on white beads. Silver baby cup, bronzed baby shoe.
  55. One pillowcase with crocheted insert and crocheted bottom, two sets of pillow cases with different designed crocheted bottoms, set of pillow cases with cutout design on bottom, and one pillowcase with a different design of cutout work. Pillowcases are the work of Phoebe Bixby c. 1950.
  56. My Bluebook Adventures for Young Children by Helen S. Read. Pub. By Charles Scriber's Sons 1931.
  57. Pictures of Myrtle Bixby Chapman with son Edward, Myrtle's son Edward, Bixby homestead, and pictures of Bixby's great-grandchildren.
  58. Bixby's Family Tree.
  59. Award plaque, military documents, tie tacks, college certificates, award certificates and Coast Guard Welfare Membership cards all for Edward R. Champion. Items 52 through 59 from the Bixby estate donated by great-grand-daughter Kristen Rae.
  60. 16mm Bell & Howell film/sound projector.
  61. Two 16mm film reels.
  62. One 13" film reel holder.
  63. Girl Scout Badge Sash with 12 badges, Girl Scout pins, and Girl Scout figurine. Items 60 through 63 donated by Ann Jones-Maier.
  64. U.S. WWII Military First Aid Kit c. 1944. Donated by Jerri Hagman.
  65. Dry Washer for panning gold. Donated by Thomas Koch.

Thanks for your generosity. Two of the donated items still waiting to be accessed are fabulous finds. They will appear in the Accessions column next issue. Until then look in the Native American display.

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