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Accessions Report - Fall 2010

Wednesday morning volunteers

Attendance at the Accessions Committee has been fairly regular, but many have taken vacations. Fewer people have dropped in for research as they too are taking vacations during the summer months. We received one item we have been searching for since starting our El Oasis Year Book library. A big thank you to Mary Jane Binge.

For those that wish to do research, we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on Wednesday morning. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our web site. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two restricted areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. Plus, if you want to know what is happening or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

Our Display Curator is working on a new display for Pioneer Days. I hope everyone had a chance to see her Military display. We've suffered a huge loss when our membership chairperson and Generations Project person, Pat Heumann, moved to Oregon. Anyone with computer skills is invited to join us on Wednesday mornings.

  1. Rose quartz arrowhead.
  2. Stone knapper that fits arrowhead perfectly. These were found when clearing property of weeds several years ago. Donated by Paul Wigdortz.
  3. El Oasis Year Book 1949. Vol. VIII. Published by senior class. Brown cover.
  4. El Oasis Year Book 1951. Vol. X. Both Year Books donated by Jeanne MacKenzie.
  5. Treasured recipes. Blessed Sacrament Altar Society.
  6. Home Town Recipes of 29 Palms by Noncommissioned Officers Association. Published by Women's Club Publishing Co. Donated by bartender at the 29 Palms Inn. He did not give his name to the docent.
  7. Microfilm of the Desert Trail Jan.-June 2009 and July-Dec. 2009. Donated by the Desert Trail.
  8. Crocheted purple vest with applied palm trees and the number 29 (in yellow) above trees and yellow number 395 on back.
  9. Advertising give-aways: KB Mart, Inc. pot holder for Lyons Co. 13th anniversary, eye glass cloth cleaner from Dr. J.B. McDonald, matchbook cover for Oasis of Mara Florist.
  10. Brown 13" x 9" metal box with drawer filled with alphabetized customers names, addresses, telephone numbers, shoe sizes, and date purchased. Items 8 through 10 donated by Mary Jane Binge from Mary Nicholl estate.
  11. Two Joshua Tree Scholar's (sic) Reports by Cindy Ott, Laura Watt, and Raymond Rast. They reported finding on their visit to Joshua Tree National Park June 10 through June 12, 2010. Donated by Joshua Tree National Park through Hannah Nyala West.
  12. 92256 Morongo Valley. Compiled photos, histories and quotes of Morongo Valley. Published by Hi Desert Publishing Co. Donated by Dick Moran.
  13. Framed mining claim. Given to Jim Lincoln. He donated it to Cheryl Erickson for the museum.
  14. Manual Printer for cards and ink, copy paper, press, scissors, etc. They are in the original wooden box built with perfect dovetails. Bill Holmes used this in his business and for sending out cards during fund raising to move the Old Schoolhouse. Donated by Betty Holmes.
  15. El Oasis Year Book 1956. Donated by Mary Jane Binge.
  16. Two Menus: Kenney's Lunch Counter and Round Up Restaurant Corral. Both donated by Ray Ward.
  17. Legends of the High Desert edited by Fred S. Cook and published by The California Traveler Inc. 1974.
  18. Oasis Trail at Twentynine Palms-Joshua Tree National Monument. Published by Southwestern Monument Association. Both booklets donated by Margot Spangenberg.
  19. Twentynine Palms Water District Records from 1982 through 2008. Donated by Edith Carter.
  20. Radioactive Deposits in California. Special Report 49 by George W. Walker, Tom G. Lovering, and Hal G. Stevens. Dept. of Natural Resources Division of Mines, San Francisco.
  21. Measurements of Radioactivity by Leon E. Curtis. National Bureau of Standards Circular 476, October 15, 1949.U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C.
  22. A History of Joshua Tree National Monument by Samuel A King (contained in three binders.) Last three items donated by Joshua Tree National Park.
  23. Home by Elizabeth Warder Crozer. This book was found in our Archival Room. It was written and printed before her marriage to Bill Campbell.
  24. Bright blue oil pump for oil drum. Donated by Les Snodgrass.
  25. Journey of a healer Volume I by Paolo Ficara.
  26. Journey of a Healer Volume II by Paolo Ficara. Both published by Universal Center, Minoa Publishing, LLC, Yucca Valley, CA. Donated by Paolo Ficara.
  27. Monopoly Game 29 Palms version. Donated by Cyndy Adams.
  28. The following textbooks are library books and are from the old Amboy School. Real Math by Steven Willoughby, Carl Bereitor, Peter Hilton, and Joseph H. Rubenstein. Published by Open Court Publishers, 1987, LaSalle, IL.
  29. Rub-a-Dub-Dub, stories by various authors. Published by Scott, Foreman and Company 1976, Glenview, IL.
  30. Learning About Measurements by Sylvia Horne, Curriculum Consultant, California State Series, 1970. California State Dept. of Education.
  31. More Power, various authors. Published by Scott, Foreman and Company, 1974. Glenview, IL.
  32. Exploring Music 2, Eunice Boardman and Beth Landis. California State Series, 1967.
  33. Memories Writers Corner, Gail Heald-Taylor, General Consultant. Published by Harcourt Brace Javanovich, 1989.
  34. Bicentennial 1776-1976 Coloring Book, American History Book.
  35. Sound by Charles D. Neal. California State Series 1968. California Dept. of Education.
  36. How the Sun Helps Us by Glen O. Blough, Ida B. De Pencier, Bertha Morris Parker. California State Series, 1952.
  37. Animals of Yesterday by Bertha Morris Parker. California State Series, 1959.
  38. Animals and Their Young by Glen O. Blough and Bertha Morris Parker. Published by Ron Peterson and Company, Evanston, IL
  39. A Girl Like Me (teen novel) by Jenette Everly. Published by J.B. Lippincott Company, 1966.
  40. Mustard Seed Magic by Theodore L. Harris, Mildred Creekmore and Louise Motteoni. Published by The Economy Co., Oklahoma City, IN, 1975.
  41. The Fair Adventure by Elizabeth Janet Gray. Published by The Viking Press, NYC, NY, 1964.
  42. Mysterious Wisteria by Theodore L. Harris, Mildred Creekmore and Louise Matteoni. Published by The Economy Co., Oklahoma City, IN, 1975.
  43. Elementary School Mathematics Book 3, second edition, California State Series, 1970.
  44. Mathematics Unlimited, Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Various authors, no date.
  45. Unlimited Challenges for Problem Solvers, Teachers Edition, Mathematics Unlimited by Francis Fennel, Barbara J. Reys and Robert E. Reys.
  46. The Best Problem Ever, Teachers Edition, Mathematics Unlimited, Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1987.
  47. Together We Sing, by Irvin Wolfe and Margaret Fullerton. California State Series, republished 1962. Donated by Paula Raymond.
  48. An Oasis of Murals Twentynine Palms, California Cultural Renaissance at the Gateway to Joshua Tree National Park, author and editor Vickie Waite. Signed by author. Published by Action Council of 29 Palms, Inc. Donated by Vickie Waite.
  49. Red Fireman's hard hat, underside has Hard Boiled in oval. Made by E.D. Bullard Co., U.S.A. Donated by Ron Bryan through Chuck Gimby.

Thank you again to all who donated and took the time to sign and return the Gift Agreement form. Without your signature, we cannot legally keep the historical items you have donated.

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