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Accessions Report - Winter 2010

Wednesday morning volunteers

Our Accessions Committee is happy to report that we have a new volunteer, Laura Pellior. Her husband is stationed at the Naval facilities on the Marine Base and will be retiring soon. They are making this area their permanent home. She is replacing Pat Heumann and entering membership, Generations Project, and Archival records into our data base. Give her a big welcome when you see her!

For those that wish to do research, we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on Wednesday morning. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our web site. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two restricted areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. Plus, if you want to know what is happening or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

Our Display Curator, Marilyn Fernald has a new display in progress, but not the one you'll see at Christmas. Drop by in November and then again at Christmas time. You'll like what you see.

  1. Servel Propane Refrigerator from the Betty Holmes Estate. Donated by the Holmes family.
  2. Bagley water fountain made from miner's ore samples that they left with Frank Bagley. This was their collateral for a stake. Donated by Larry Briggs.
  3. World War II U.S. Army uniform suit jacket with ribbons, bars (one for sharpshooter) and other insignia worn by Jerri Hagman's uncle. Donated by Jerri Hagman.
  4. Blue note book (three holed) compiled by Amboy School. The title is Year Book, but runs from 1981 to 1990. It contains a certificate honoring Andy Limon. Donated by Mary Bartel through Marion Gartner.
  5. Aluminum two-cup coffee pot used at Desert Haven motel (bottom of Donnell Hill). Desert Haven etched in side. Black wooden handle. Donated by Dianna Stevens.
  6. Two 1940s paper dolls (boy and girl) mounted on blue sateen fabric stretched over cardboard.
  7. Blue Star Flag (from WWII). This was given to a mother to hang in a window to show a son was in the armed forces. Last two items donated by Jerri Hagman.
  8. 12" x16" oil painting in larger frame. Painted by Ruth Reed (former member of our Society). Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  9. Black twin head metal street light on pole. This stood outside Bagley's Market. Donated by the City of Twentynine Palms through Jim Woolsey.
  10. Plastic water bottle with Copper Mountain College's (CMC) Bell Center on bottle. Used as a fund raiser by college. Donated by Sue McMahan.
  11. Various photographs taken years ago of Tom and Mary Nicholl and Emblem Club, sales tax forms, rental receipt forms from Aug. 8, 1956 to Feb. 2, 1962. Give-away advertising items, Security Pacific National Bank deposit bag, three real estate broker licenses for Mary Nicholl, Vinyl Security Bank Escrow folder with property description forms, listing forms, and check sample. Donated by Mary Jane Binge.
  12. Amboy Elementary School Year Book 1972. Belongs to the mother of Andrea Limon written on 4th page. Pictures of old and new Amboy area. Given by Mary Bartel to Marion Gartner to donate to the museum.
  13. The Twentynine Palms Story by Hazel Spell 1962, Fourth Edition. Has an insert by E.I. Edwards. Given by Bob Conner to Dick Moran for Museum.
  14. Native American Pottery Shards and pieces of broken tortoise shell. These were found in Twentynine Palms in 1970 when the family lived here and they would take the children for walks on the north side of Highway 62. Donated by Linda Theodore.
  15. Desert Tales and Recipes to Boot 2009-2010. Desert Writers Guild Annual. Self Published. Authors are from Morongo Basin.
  16. Thank You letters and card from the class of Lori Jo Cosgriff, Job Coach Developer Twentynine Palms High School to Desert Writers Guild and membership cards for Desert Writers Guild from 2001. Louise Borquez, Susan Reilly, and Mary Richardson among them; also membership in Cultural Arts Council, Inc. signed by Owen Gillick. Numbers 15 and 16 donated by Desert Writers Guild of Twentynine Palms.
  17. Light gold western shirt with lame yoke, cuffs and collar, and gold sprayed western hat. Worn at 2010 Pioneer Days Parade by one of the Grand Marshals. Donated by Jeff Hafler.
  18. Personal memories of Twentynine Palms by Ted Vick; a photo of the house rented by his parents where they lived 1942-1944; member of Troop 73 (when Bill McKee was Scout Master); Condor Field worker pass for Ted Vick to work as a pin boy at Condor Glider Canteen; and a letter to Ted Vick. Donated by Ted Vick.
  19. Wings, Ribbon, Gold TAA in red, and two gold patches from Training Academy.
  20. Four brass collar studs; three are for Air Branch the other has U.S. on front. Last three items donated by Ted Vick.
  21. Large County Parcel Map mounted on wooden frame. Donated by Norman Nelson.
  22. Twentynine Palms advertising give-aways; Jost Lumber Co. c. 1960s, Lyons Co., and 29 Palms Van and Storage. Yardsticks, pen, etc. Donated by Wes Fish.
  23. U.S. paper currency: Fractional currency of three cents and tens from the mid 1800s.
  24. i>Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. The Academic Classics published by Allan Bacon. Items 23 through 24 donated by Tom Acker.
  25. Pi Lines and Interludes by Kirk Martin. Mr. Martin also did illustrations and printing through Sage Book Press 1983. This was a limited edition of 303 books. This is number 151. Donated by Robin Hinaman.
  26. Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight. Published by The C. Wilson Company 1944 of Philadelphia and Toronto. Donated by Paula Raymond.
  27. Local telephone directory 2006. Donated by Sue McMahan.
  28. Local telephone directories: 2008-2009, 2009-2010. Donated by Les Snodgrass.
  29. Greg Shorthand by John Robert Gregg S.D.C. Anniversary Edition 1929. Gregg Publishing Company.
  30. Writers in America: The World in Literature by Elizabeth Collette, Tom Peete Cross, Elmer C. Stauffer, J.N. Nook. Published by Ginn and Company c. 1950 (contains stories by well-known authors).
  31. Friends here and Away by Clara Belle Baker, Mary Maud Reed, Edna Dean Baker. A California State Series 1938.
  32. Design and Printing at the University of California Press by August Fruge, published by Western Heritage, Berkeley, CA 1991. Inscribed to Frances Sabol by the author. Last four books donated by Jerri Hagman.
  33. Advertising give-away green plastic key chain with plastic bottle opener on one end and a pull tab opener on the other; compliments of 29 Palms Gemcrafts. Their address and telephone number imprinted on plastic. Item appeared on the Accessions table with no explanation.

We were given over 180 items between our Twentynine Palms Historical Society's General Meeting in 2009 and 2010. There are one or two items waiting to be archived. Thank you again to all who donated and took the time to sign and return the Gift Agreement Form. Without your signature, we cannot legally keep the historical items you have donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area.

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