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Accessions Report - Summer 2011

Wednesday morning volunteers

Your Accessions Committee has been kept busy with all of the donated items. Be sure you check out some of the wonderful items in the list. Bunny Boardman has returned and is busy entering data into the electronic storage. Marilyn Fernald and Pat Rimmington were busy sorting and marking all of the items for our Community Yard Sale, but they are now back at their regular duties. When Sue McMahan isn't busy in the Gift Shop she helps with the filing and identification.

Researchers of Twentynine Palms history also visit on Wednesday mornings. For those that wish to do research, we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Library on Wednesday morning. For those that live further away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by email and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific areas. A $20.00 donation is required by the email and regular mail requests. Plus, if you want to know what is happening or view the latest and oldest photographs visit

  1. Well drilling rig used by Hockett family in the early days of Twentynine Palms. Stop by and check out this massive piece of machinery. Donated by Harold Hockett.
  2. Packet of V-Mail called Envo-letters. Product of Stanley Wessell & Company. Write on one side, fold, and address written on outside before mailing. Donated by Philip D. Smith Jr.
  3. Huge double-sided wooden sign from Jean Crowl's business. Carved top, Monke Business Palette & Pond Hill painted palette with colors. Donated by Paul Crowl.
  4. Two General Records. One has beige cover. General Records Twentynine Palms Cemetery printed on front. Dated from 1934-1948. Other has corduroy cover and records Lot Sales. Donated by Twentynine Palms Cemetery through Les Snodgrass.
  5. Book: Laura Ann Bradbury Missing: A Father's Search by Michael W. Bradbury with Dana Scott Winters. Inscribed and signed by author. Published 2010 by
  6. Bob Vick Pioneer Town Realty Collection. These pictures, newspapers, newspaper clippings, correspondence on Pipes Canyon and other projects and of Pioneer Town.
  7. Antelope Valley Pioneers published 1984 by Kern-Antelope Valley Historical Society.
  8. Books: Five histories of the area by Joan Wilson.
  9. Two E. Clampus Billy Holcomb Chapter Historic Pioneer Town: How the West Was Once by Harvey B. Legrone, published 2004.
  10. The Twentynine Palms Story by Hazel M. Spell. 1953 issue. This was Bob Vick's personal copy.
  11. Howard Fish 1968 business card, Jackass Mail flyer. Miscellaneous newspapers: Jackass Mail 1966, Saw Tooth Mountain Views 1999, & Pipes Canyon Closure.
  12. Hi Desert Dreaming: A History of the Communities of Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms Whitewater, Landers. Volume 3 by Joan Wilson.
  13. Collection of Memories Morongo Basin, Yucca Valley, Old Woman Springs, Pipes Canyon, Copper Mountain Campus by Joan Wilson. Published 1992.
  14. Mrs. Vick's Year Book. Items 6 though 14 donated by Mike Vick.
  15. Mathematics For Everyday Use by William L. Shaaf, Ph.D. Published by New House Library 1942.
  16. A complete set of The Book of Knowledge, 20 volumes. Published 1911. Last two items donated by Helen Marcum.
  17. 30" x 12" white sign with black lettering. Walter B. Crowl, Maj., VC. Aus ret. From Dr. Crowl's home. Donated by Michael Sky Jelensky.
  18. Two boxes of paper memorabilia and photos. Donated by Diana Lyons.
  19. Blue metal "ahoogah" horn for Hastie Bus. Donated by Bob Connors.
  20. Acid bottle from Dale Mine. 14" high, glass stopper is broken. Found in 1950. Donated by Richard Glenk.
  21. 8" x 14" Kirk Martin Oil Painting in 11-1/2" x 14-1/2" heavy wood frame. Dated 1966.
  22. 16" x 14-1/2" framed Mockel print of old adobe Butterfield Stage Depot, Warner Spring, California, 1962. Both pieces of artwork donated by Marcial Pearlstrum.
  23. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. play book from 29 Palms High School. Pub. 1975 by Music Club and Drama Club.
  24. 1987 29 Palms Phone Directory. Published by Desert Trail.
  25. Two 1982 Pioneer Days Buttons.
  26. Business cards from the area. Items 23 through 26 donated by Greg Mendoza.
  27. Cookbook: Desert Creations from Your Neighbors in the Sand. Published by the Officer's Wives Club MCAGCC through Walters Publishing, Waseca, NM.
  28. Europe '74 Cook Book by Twentynine Palms High School in 1974. Cookbooks donated by Beverly A. Shirbroun.
  29. Purple Glass: Amber colored three-mold pressed glass bowl. 6" high by 8-3/4" across the top. Donated by 29 Palms Art Gallery.
  30. Cream colored ceramic plate with floral border. Called Golden Maize. Made by Sterling Pottery Co., Sebring, OH. No. 230,442 in floral cutout aluminum carrier. Donated by Marilyn Fernald.

If you haven't seen the well digger, it is worth a trip to the Old Schoolhouse. The machinery is massive. You'll find it on the cement slab towards the back. Our Accessions Committee wants to thank everyone again who donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area for future generations.

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