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Accessions Report - Spring 2013

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Winter temperatures are slowly rising back to our desert normal. Committee members have returned to their normal duties. Cheryl is still busy filing and writing thank you cards for the wonderful donations we have received. Sue and Doris Lawless work in the Gift Shop as need dictates. Nolan Lockwood is working on all the tax reports for the Historical Society and the Gift Shop. Laura Pellior, our newly elected Board Director has the membership up-to-date. Les works on keeping all the electronics and other items functioning and anything else that needs attention. Marilyn Fernald has taken down the Christmas decor and is working to restore some of the items we have received. Pat Rimmington is identifying photos and is involved in the 100-year project with the Morongo Basin Historical Society. Dick Moran is busy combing through the back issues of the Desert Trail to find significant happenings over the years. John Steiner is busy filling in for everyone. The donations did slow over the holiday season.

Researchers of Twentynine Palms history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Small school desk, no glass ink well.
  2. Small school desk seat. These two items donated by Kenneth J. Snyder.
  3. California Land of Promise by Maidee Thomas Nelson, published 1962 by Claxton Printers, Ltd. is signed and inscribed by author. Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  4. Lead pencil, green with white lettering: Twentynine Palms Intermediate School. Donated by Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  5. Thomas Ince Hollywood's Independent Pioneer by Brian Tanes, published by University Press of Kentucky 2012. Donated by Steven Ince.
  6. Three samples of barbwire: One metal aluminum strip, barbs four inches apart; one two wires woven together, barbs seven inches apart; two strand braided wire with continuous barb. Donated by Nathan Allen.
  7. 18"x18" oil on canvas in a 24-1/2" x 24-1/4" wooden frame. Title: Basketry.
  8. 14-3/4" x 19-3/4" print on canvas (copy of oil) of Warren Ranch. Artist Marilyn Fernald. Last two items donated by Marilyn Fernald.
  9. Black and white photograph of Henry Mockel.
  10. California State Map 1938, published by California Automobile Club.
  11. California/Nevada road map c. 1930 by Automobile Club of Southern California.
  12. In and Out of Los Angeles road map by Automobile Club of Southern California, unknown date.
  13. Old Timers Lament, poem dedicated to Les Spell originally published in Desert Magazine. Jerry Hagman donated last five items, except poem sent to her by Dale R. Croft of Garden Grove, CA to give to museum.
  14. DVD of 29 Palms Old Schoolhouse Museum and Old Schoolhouse Weed Show. Donated by 29 Palms Historical Society Gift Shop.
  15. Mimeograph machine with paper tray.
  16. 39 templates for mimeograph machine, instruction manual for using templates. United Supply Stencils and instructions in black folder.
  17. Early portable Singer Sewing Machine in wooden case. Last three items donated by Arlene Rice.
  18. General Systems beige wall telephone (possibly c.1960s) rotary dial set above tube base. Donated by Doris Lawless.
  19. Reproduction: McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader of 1920 edition. Donated by Marilyn Fernald.
  20. Nine laminated topographical maps of Southern California.
  21. Twentynine Palms and Vicinity map 1936.
  22. Artist's rendition of Twentynine Palms Village c.1930-40.
  23. Automobile Club of Southern California, San Bernardino County road map c. 1920-30.
  24. Two aerial photographs of Twentynine Palms and one of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree area. The latter has 1985 written on bottom. The Twentynine Palms Library donated the last five items through Debbie Medina.
  25. DVD: Images 2010 Pioneer Days Kick Off, 2011 Pioneer Days Kick Off, 2011 Old Timers and Willis and Corinne Keys with Huell Howser and Paul Smith, Volunteer Appreciation Day 2011. Donated by Laureen Lentz.

There are times when an item has been given and the donor unknown, but we cannot archive them until we have a Gift Release Form with the donor's signature and a witness's signature. Without the signed releases we have no right to retain anything brought to the museum unless it was an anonymous gift.

Our Editors also insist on having the reports by a certain date. There may not have been sufficient time to complete all the necessary procedures. Our Accessions Committee wants to thank everyone who donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area for future generations.

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