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Accessions Report - Fall 2013

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Our desert fall temperatures will soon be here. We still need a volunteer with computer skills on Wednesday mornings. If you are interested in computer work or lending a helping hand at the museum stop by and see us. There is always something to be done.

Cheryl Erickson returned and then left again. Nolan Lockwood, your treasurer, has pursued the same off and on again vacations. Sue McMahan and Doris Lawless are busy keeping the Gift Shop stocked for our busy fall season. Laura Pellior also took time off this summer, but the membership is up-to-date. Les Snodgrass keeps all the electronics functioning, manages to be where and when the Hastie Bus is displayed and keeps the Twentynine Palms Historical Society humming. You can find him working inside and outside the museum on whatever needs to be done. Marilyn Fernald may have the fall exhibit up when this journal arrives. Pat Rimmington is even more immersed in the 100-Year Project with the Morongo Basin Historical Society. Cathy Snodgrass receives a big Thank You for all her work in procuring the purple glass for sale in our Gift Shop. Dick Moran and John Steiner have finished with one portion of searching through the Desert Trail, but are now researching the happenings in more depth. The donations have picked up. They are now keeping me busy at archiving.

You'll see these items listed in the Accessions for the last three months, but the Society owes a big Thank You to Chris Fraser for supplying two of the missing Twentynine Palms High School Yearbooks. We now have the Oasis for 2010 and for 2010-2011.

One tremendous gift came our way. The Morongo Basin Unified School District's local Administration people were clearing out their no longer needed records. The blueprints and a copy of a contract for construction of a building they no longer owned were of no use to them. We were gifted with the blue prints for the construction of the third room along with a copy of the original contract signed by Walt Berg, the contractor, and stamped by San Bernardino County superintendent of schools C. Burton Thrall. There was also a full set of prints for the second room, plus that blueprint showed the first schoolhouse. What we called the “kitchen" in the original room was built for the janitor. These additions of our history are truly appreciated.

Researchers of Twentynine Palms history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photograph visit:

  1. Cast iron incense burner; lid in the shape of a fan and cut-out flowers in body.
  2. Reproduced 1910 Calendar business advertisement for 29 Palms Stages.
  3. Cast iron stove lid.
  4. Metal measuring tape. The above items are from the Keys Ranch and donated by Jim Woolsey.
  5. Milk Bottle: Broguiere's favorite visitor Huell Howser California Gold on bottle. Donated by Tom and Gayle Gates through the Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce, Melanie Robbins.
  6. Milk Bottle: Broguiere's favorite visitor Huell Howser California Gold on bottle. Donated by Old Town Tama Mercantile in Yucca Valley by Diana Mann through Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  7. Photograph of Hastie Bus from Pioneer Days Parade 1960. Driver is Johnny Hastie and riders are prominent members of the community.
  8. 19 pieces of petrified wood. The largest is 12"x9" and the smallest is 3"x3". All donated by ?
  9. American Field Service (AFS) photographs taken over the years.
  10. Four AFS scrapbooks (1963-2003.) All AFS materials donated by Dana Bowden.
  11. Blue Prints dated March 30, 1939 for the third room of our Old Schoolhouse. Sheet one: The room, front and back elevation.
  12. Sheet two: Roof plan, new room, and securing to the older room.
  13. Sheet three: North elevation, shingle roof.
  14. Sheet four: Section B-B, foundation concrete pier.
  15. Four transparencies of the blue prints. These were stamped by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, C. Burton Thrall, May 2, 1939.
  16. Clerk's copy of Contract. Signed by contractor Walter M. Berg, approved by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, dated June 30, 1939.
  17. Set of three blue prints dated June 25, 1931 for second room. Sheet one has red correction/change marks.
  18. Sheet two: North and West elevations.
  19. Sheet three: South elevation, Initials I.M.C., are probably those of the architect. The blue prints are from the Morongo Basin Unified School District. They do not need blue prints for a building they no longer own.
  20. Twenty-one yearbooks; part from Twentynine Palms High School and part from Twentynine Palms Junior High. 2011-2012, Twentynine Palms High School, Volume 49.
  21. Twentynine Palms High School 2010-2011.
  22. Twentynine Palms High School El Oasis yearbook 2010.
  23. El Oasis yearbook 2006.
  24. El Oasis yearbook 2005.
  25. El Oasis yearbook2004
  26. Twentynine Palms High School 2003 40th year edition.
  27. El Oasis yearbook 2002.
  28. El Oasis yearbook 2001.
  29. Twentynine Palms High School 2000 millennium edition.
  30. El Oasis yearbook 1999.
  31. El Oasis yearbook 1995.
  32. Twentynine Palms High School 1994 Volume XXXVII.
  33. TPJHS Falcon 2004 yearbook.
  34. TPJHS Falcon 2003 yearbook.
  35. TPJHS Falcon 2002 yearbook.
  36. TPJHS Falcon 1999 yearbook.
  37. TPHS Falcon 1997 yearbook.
  38. TPHS Falcon 1994 yearbook.
  39. TPJHS Falcon 1991-1992 yearbook Expect the Unexpected.
  40. TPJHS Falcon 1990 yearbook. All the yearbooks donated by Chris Fraser. He even donated his own.
  41. Photograph of Charles N. Matherly. Inscribed “To a good friend, Viola Klink" and signed. Donated by Viola Klink.

There are times when an item has been given and the donor known, but we cannot archive them until we have a Gift Release Form with the donor's signature and a witness's signature. Without the signed releases we have no right to retain anything brought to the museum unless it was an anonymous gift. Our editors also insist on having the reports by a certain date. There may not have been sufficient time to complete all the necessary procedures.

Our Accessions Committee wants to thank everyone who donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area for future generations. See you at Old Timer's Gathering in October and the Weed Show in November.

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