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Accessions Report - Spring 2016

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Things have slowed a bit after the Holidays as far as donations are concerned. Marilyn Fernald has created a new exhibit in the main exhibit room with help from Dana Bowden and members of the community.

Remember to donate your "old" items from the early days of Twentynine Palms to the Twentynine Palms Historical Society rather than throw the items into the trash. If you aren't sure that we would want your items, please bring them by on Wednesday morning or give us a call.

If you love history and our area, and wish to help in the preservation of our history stop by and see us on Wednesday morning. We'll find something that for you to do.

Researchers of Twentynine Palms or Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. DVD The Harvey Girls documentary. Film directed by Katrina Parks. She donated.
  2. Joshua Tree National Park A History of Preserving the Desert, published March 2015. Task Agreement #P11AC 90959 Lary Dilsaver is the compiler. Donated by Joshua Tree National Park.
  3. The Twentynine Palms Story by Hazel Spell, Revised Edition 1954. Reproduced by 1st Community Bank.
  4. Oasis Trail at Twentynine Palms by Joshua Tree National Monument
  5. The Oasis Story by Conger Beasley Jr., published by Joshua Tree National Historical Society.
  6. Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert by Natt N. Dodge. Revised 1974. Published Southwest Parks and Monuments, Assoc.
  7. Wildlife of the Southwest Deserts by Jim Cornett. Published ny Nature Trails Press 1975.
  8. Road Guide to Joshua Tree National Park, by Barbara and Robert Deker. Published by Double Decker Press 1994.
  9. Exploring Joshua Tree by Robert Mitchell published by La Siesta Press 1970.
  10. 75 Great Hikes in and near Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, by Phillip Ferranti, Bruce Hagerman, Denice Hagerman. Published by Kendall L. Hunt Publishing Co. 1995. Items three through ten from Joan Jackson Estate, donated through Pat Rimmington.
  11. Colonel Moore Map Moore's Map Series Revised 1-12-55.
  12. Flyer for January 8, 2016 Lecture on Forgotten Gold Rush. Last two items donated by Pat Flannigan.
  13. Blizzard Tracks by Tom J. Hopkins, published by Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1948. Signed by author.
  14. Metal quartz run clock with folding sides that hold photographs. Distributed by 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce (their name on outside). Last two donated by Pat Rimmington.
  15. Old postcard with poem: The Prospector's Last Camp. It is a desert scene.
  16. Basic Rifle Marksmanship published by National Rifle Assoc. The last two items donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  17. Items from Desert Writers Guild of Twentynine Palm: Old membership list, newspaper clippings, and old Writers Guidelines. Donated by Joni Franklin.
  18. The Sweet Tones items: Programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, a negative, correspondence, and forms. Donated by former Sweet Tones member, Sue McMahan.
  19. Native American sculpture created by Lois Clarke. Donated by Raymond Ward.
  20. Two Howard Pierce ceramics donated for sale in the Gift Shop. One is a blue dolphin and one a blue, repaired pelican. Donated by Beth Roggeveen.
  21. E Clampus Vitus Plaques. 1994-2007 Sydney M. Blummer signed it and compiled. Donated by Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  22. Six VHS tapes More of the Old Schoolhouse Twentynine Palms. Homecoming by base. Terry's Homecoming, 29 Palms Parade, Service Honor Guard Murals, The Missiles of October. Donated by Donna Miller through Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  23. Skates: One pair, no key, rusty parts of a second pair, part of one rusty skate found in the desert. Donated by Almut Fleck.
  24. PC floppy disc of History Channel's Great Race, Miss 29 Palms Scholarship Pageant 2002.
  25. Tapes: 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce 8-11-90, Desert Vision Chapter 44 1990 Pioneer Days, Action 29 Mural #6, Hollywood Here We Come, the Miss 29 Palms 1997 Scholarship Pageant, 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce Holiday Shopping 12-2-2002, City of 29 Palms, untitled tape, 29 Palms Outhouse Race 1988, Walls of Vision How 29 Palms went global with public art.
  26. Wood and brass 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce Plaque of Past Presidents. Donated by Chamber of Commerce per Melanie Robbins.
  27. Survey Supervisors Guide Hand Out, U. S. Army Field Artillery School. Counter Fire Dept. Fort Sill, OK, Jan. 1979.
  28. Basic Rifle Marksmanship, published by NRA Copyright 1960 Washington, D.C.
  29. Handbook of First Aid, U. S. Office of Civilian Defense in Co-operation with Red Cross, December 1941. U. S. Office of Civilian Defense.
  30. NRA Hunter Safety Handbook, published by the National Rifle Association, Copyright 1957. Items Twenty-four through Thirty donated by Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  31. The Twentynine Palms Air Academy Class 44B Year Book. E. A. Miller written at the top.
  32. Specimens of the Desert. Rock samples with narrative text. Published by Humbolt Mineral, Kingman, AZ. Last two items donated by Jimmy Biggerstaff.
  33. Naval Hospital Cap
  34. 29 Palms leather visor: Where the Hell is 29 Palms printed on visor
  35. 29 Palms hanging planter
  36. Lions International Flag
  37. 29 Palms EL 50th Anniversary Champaign flute
  38. 29 Palms Mushroom spoon holder.
  39. 29 Palms ashtray.
  40. Catch the Spirit bag.
  41. U. S. Marine Corps pillow sham. Items 33 through 41 donated by Merill Weall.
  42. Book: Chemehueve Song The Resilience of a Southern Piute Tribe by Clifford E. Trafzer. Published by University of Washington Press 2015. Author, Mr. Trafzer, signed and donated it to us.
  43. Ansco Pioneer Camera
  44. Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera with flash.
  45. Polaroid One Step Camera and box for Polaroid camera.
  46. Manuel for Polaroid. The cameras and camera accessories donated by Omer "Les" Snodgrass.
  47. Custom made plaque. Writing says: Resident Officer In Charge of Construction MCAGCC 29 Palms California. Zamora's Woodcraft label on back. Donated by Merrill Weall.
  48. Twentynine Palms Schools Girl's PE t-shirt. Wild Cat face and TPS on front. Circa 1973. Donated by Jane Felsch-Jones.

There are times when an item has been given and the donor known, but we cannot archive them until we have a Gift Release Form with the donor's signature and a witness's signature. Without the signed releases we have no right to retain anything brought to the museum unless it was an anonymous gift. Our Editors also insist on having the reports by a certain date. There may not have been sufficient time to complete all the necessary procedures. Our Accessions Committee wants to thank everyone who donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area for future generations.

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