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Accessions Report - Fall 2017

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Summer temperatures were a bit brutal this summer. This was the hottest and muggiest summer in the sixteen years I've lived here. Our Accessions Committee continued to function during the summer and now our busy season begins.

Marilyn Fernald will be back and contemplating how our Old Schoolhouse Museum will look for the Old Timers Gathering and the Weed Show. Dana Bowden is helping with the artwork that will be up during the Art Expo days coming to our area.

Pat Rimmington and Sue McMahan continue their filing and helping the researchers that come by. Helping the researchers is something we all manage to do.

Jim Krushat has added working on a military exhibit along with his membership duties. Besides overseeing most things, Les Snodgrass, our President, keeps finding all the old acquisition files to give to Joni Franklin to enter into the electronic archives. Rosalie Mendoza continues to scan those thousands of negatives we have and keep receiving files and research. John Steiner is doing research for articles that will be published. Cheryl Erickson has been checking the electronic book entries besides her other duties of writing Thank You notes to our donors. Velma Holland will always have work to do on the books that are donated over a three month period. The other donated items have slowed though. I've had time to read some from our extensive library.

We are grateful for any of the items that are donated whether for archival purposes or for any other use. The early day items from the Twentynine Palms area are truly appreciated. If you aren't sure that we would want your items, please bring them by on Wednesday morning or give us a call. If you love history and our area, and wish to help in the preservation of our history stop by and see us on Wednesday morning. We'll find something for you to do.

All researchers studying the history of Twentynine Palms or the Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. El Oasis 1987 Year Book. Signed and has personal messages.
  2. El Oasis 1988 Year Book Signed and has personal messages. Both belonged to Richard Hollister, Twentynine Palms High School tennis coach and counselor. Donated by Doris Widner.
  3. 1978 Pioneer Days Sweepstakes Trophy on a faux marble base. Two wooden columns on each side, a silver flying eagle is between the columns. Another eagle looks upward and smaller wooden columns support a silver covered wagon.
  4. 1979 Pioneer Days Sweepstakes trophy on faux marble base. Two plastic wooden like columns on either side. 1979 is imprinted on a middle silver base. An eagle sits atop each column. A miner doing mining with a metal pan sits at the top. Both of these trophies were left by an unknown donor.
  5. Tourist Register from Mission Inn, 1941 to 1944 was donated by Mary Wilson.
  6. Stationary and invoice forms from Plaza Motor Parts were donated by Jerri Hagman through Charli J. Matherly.
  7. On Foot in Joshua Tree National Monument Second Edition by Patty A. Furbush, published by M. I. Publications 1987. Anonymous donation.
  8. Homemade decorative pillow. 17" X 13-1/2 " The basic color is yellow, painted scene is blue and pink flowers in a blue bowl. Blue outline encircles bowl and flowers. This is from Marian and Cotton Hall's home in the Stonechipher homestead sent through Kim Ortamond.
  9. Older text books: With Pencil and Pen by Sarah Louise Arnold.
  10. Bobbs Merrill Primer by Clara B. Baker and Edna D. Baker. Published by State of Kansas 1934.
  11. Foundations of Expressions by S. S. Curry, PhD. Published by The Expression Company 32nd Printing 1930.
  12. The New Beacon Reader by James H. Fassett. Published by Ginn and Company 1924.
  13. The Winston Readers Second Reader by Sidney G. Firman and Ethel H. Maltry. Published by The John C. Winston Company 1918.
  14. Elson Primary School Reader Book One by Wilson H. Elson. Published by Scott Foresman and Company 1913.
  15. The Beacon Second Reader by James H. Fassett. Publshed by Ginn and Company 1914.
  16. The Child's World Primer by Sarah Withers. Published by Johnson Publishing Company 1917.
  17. Stories in Script Script Book 3 by Minnet B. Graves. Published by W. S. Benson and Co. 1941 The textbooks were donated by Aaron Ridge.
  18. Photograph of James Cagney sketching John Hilton.
  19. One page from the 1972 Pioneer Days section of the Desert Trail
  20. A Day at Cottonwood Springs Joshua Tree National Monument. Test by Jerry A. Moore. Revised 1973. Last three items from the Ruth Maynard Collection. Donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  21. An Artist's Journey by Chuck Caplinger. It's signed by the author. Published by Dos Ravens Publishing 2017.
  22. Preserving The Desert A History of Joshua Tree National Park by Lary M. Dilsaver. Published by George F. Thompson Publishing 2016. Both books donated by 29 Palms Inn.
  23. Marshal South of Yaquitepec by Peter Wild. Published by The Shady Mynch Research Project 2005. From the Al and Marion Gartner collection.
  24. Mammals of Joshua Tree National Monument by William F. and Sandy Dengler. Published by Joshua Tree National History Association.
  25. Pollen on Your Nose Wild Flowers of Joshua Tree National Monument. Text by Penny Knuckles, drawings by Dennis Knuckles. Published by Joshua Tree National History Association. Both flyers donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  26. Partial set of silk screen printing of one of Henry R. Mockel's Seraph Prints. There are fifteen in this set. Left on Old Schoolhouse porch table.
  27. Blues in the Night by Rochelle Kritch. Published by Ballantine Books 2002.
  28. Collection of Pioneer Day buttons. Last two items donated by Ru Ellyn Benedict.
  29. Our Prayer, a song written by Ferrel A. Rollins, a French Teacher at Twentynine Palms High School.
  30. Poem or song written by Jessie J. Glore 1928. She sang in the choir at Little Church of the Desert and gave to Sue McMahan, Sept. 8, 1969. Sue McMahan donated both items.
  31. Menu: The Palms Restaurant, Wonder Valley c. 1990's. Donated by Teresa Sitz.
  32. 50 Shades of a Pioneer Day Parade c. 1956-58.
  33. 12 Slides of a football game 29 Palms High School c. 1956-58. Both items from the estate of Leonard J. Lukeroth and donated by William A. Lukeroth.
  34. Classic Day Hikes of Joshua Tree National Park. It is signed and inscribed by author Kevin Powell. Published by K. Daniels & Associates Publishing, Jan. 2017. Donated by Kevin Powell.
  35. Commemorative Program for the Instition of Twentynine Palms Elks Lodge 2134 on September 26. 1959. The program was compiled and arranged by Bill Underwood. Donated by Ann Underhill Congdon.
  36. Photo postcard done by Harlow Jones. A scene in Twentynine Palms. Donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  37. Memories 76-77 Junior High School Year Book.
  38. Two Twentynine Palms Intermediate School 1969-1970 Year Books
  39. 29 Palms Junior High 1984-85 El Correcamino 1985
  40. 29 Palms Junior High Falcons 1994
  41. 1996 Falcons Junior High Year Book
  42. Two 1997 Falcons Junior High Year Books
  43. Monument High School 1995-1996
  44. Monument High School 1999-2000
  45. 1989 El Oasis On the Edge 29 Palms High School Year book
  46. 1991 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  47. 1992 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  48. 1993 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  49. 1994 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  50. 1995 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  51. 1996 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  52. 1998 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  53. 1999 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book
  54. 2006-2007 El Oasis 29 Palms High School Year book All of the Year Books were donated by the Morongo Unified School District Library.
  55. Written paragraph about the purchase of the Ince Memorial Hospital and the beginning of the Hospital Memorial Foundation. There is a photograph of the Hospital Board Members and a Desert Trail newspaper cliping of the Twentynine Palms Hospital Guild members for 1971-72.

There are times when an item has been given and the donor known, but we cannot archive them until we have a Gift Release Form with the donor's signature and a witness's signature. Without the signed releases we have no right to retain anything brought to the museum unless it was an anonymous gift. Our Editors also insist on having the reports by a certain date. There may not have been sufficient time to complete all the necessary procedures. Our Accessions Committee wants to thank everyone who donated. Your generosity allows us to catalog and save the history of our area for future generations.

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