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Accessions Report - Summer 2018

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Summer is just beginning as I write this. It will be here in full force soon and things will start to slow at the Old Schoolhouse Museum.

Everyone is still busy doing their tasks! Sandy Rogers is busy entering the photos into the Past Perfect computer data. Rosalee Mendoza found even more negatives to scan. Dana Bowden has created a new exhibit for the main room. Drop by and see the fabulous display about Doc Smeaton, the dentist who tended the dental health of an earlier generation. Dana and Marilyn have started a revamp on the main exhibition room. Dana is busy rearranging the main exhibit room. Watch for it to be completed by October.

The donations just keep coming. We are still sorting through and identifying them. Many items from the Susan Luckey Reilly Estate are being sorted and cataloged. Joni Franklin has progressed to the 2000's for entering accessed items into the data base. Jim Krushat keeps the Membership up to date and works on a military exhibit to be. Cheryl Erickson had stacks of Thank You notes to do besides sorting through all the donated books. I've caught up on all the older donations. Sue McMahan and Marilyn Fernald take time to help identify the inhabitants in the older photos and negatives. Of course, the filing never goes away and Pat Rimmington's boxes of photos never seem to lessen. John Steimer is busy researching. Velma Holland works on the library books. Nolan has all the Treasurer duties. Les Snodgrass has really been running like a madman for the construction of our addition. It is looking good out there.

All researchers studying the history of Twentynine Palms or the Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on that day. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Three ring Red Binder with photographs and research papers on Desert Queen and the area.
  2. Three ring White Binder photographs and research papers on Johnny Lang, Lost Horse Gold Mine, plus other photos and papers on mines and ranches such as Ryan Ranch. Both donated by Harold Neitzke.
  3. White Christening dress from the Fran Bixby Champion family.
  4. Companion ruler
  5. Genealogical file of Bixby family. Last three items donated by Kristen Ray.
  6. White lace baby dress
  7. Five small boxes of photographs
  8. One album filled with Hockett photographs.
  9. Larger photographs of Hockett family members. Some are framed.
  10. One pair of patent leather baby shoes
  11. One pair of baby shoes with trim
  12. Newspaper clippings
  13. Correspondence from the early homesteading days through the 1950's (Hockett family).
  14. Two plastic coin purses with Ralph Dunn Chevron printed on them.
  15. Correspondence from pre-WWI days through the 1920's (Hockett family).
  16. Robert's Rules of Order book. Presented by Lida Donnell -H. F. Donnell to Out Post Unit #334 American Legion Auxiliary Twentynine Palms Calif. 1934. This is signed by Myita V. Guiman, President.
  17. We Sing A Singing School publication by Boston C. C. Birchard and Company 1940.
  18. Pentecostal Hymsn No. 1 & 2 Combined. Willy Hockett, Glenoak, Okla. Written on first page. Hope Publishing Co. 1894.
  19. Audio 1/4" tape from S. Krushat to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hockett.
  20. Natural bristle hair brush. Possibly a Bakelite handle.
  21. Boy Scout Shoulder Sash Merit Badges and Metals.
  22. Cream-colored belt in sewing kit. It needs to be recovered.
  23. Ralph Dunn Chevron Station Service foldable leather business give-away. 1961 calendar still in folder.
  24. Metal whistle.
  25. Boy Scout belt.
  26. Family jewelry: Gold tie pin, men's cuff links, two pair of women's earrings.
  27. Smooth rowel spur.
  28. Silver calling card case. Etched elk head on top and Willie Hockett is printed on top.
  29. Sewing Kit basket contains thread spools, crotchet thread, bias tape, roller, needles, Size two children's patterns, and material cutter.
  30. Box of baby clothes: Slip, socks, booties. Bib, pink and white crocheted baby shawl. Items from 6 through 30 are from the Hockett Estate and donated by Roger Begin.
  31. Two volumes of Wonder Valley Sand Papers in a 14" Binder. Donated by Teresa Sitz.
  32. Class or year book with photograph on front. The photograph is of the 29 Palms Elementary School with the 29 Palms High School on other side. That high school is now the Junior high school. The old Schoolhouse sits on the other side of Utah Trail. It opens up and has space for pictures of classmates. This was left on our doorknob.
  33. American Legion Special Minutes from June 18, 1948 to January 28, 1966.
  34. Official Minute Book The American Legion Troy L. Martin Post #334 Dept. of California. Minutes from Jan. 3, 1975 to Dec. 6, 1979.
  35. Correspondence to American Legion. Mostly membership renewals and One Bank Record information.
  36. Post #334 Security Pacific Bank Record of Deposits from May 20, 1974 to March 3, 1986.
  37. Official Cash Record The American Legend Troy L. Martin Post #334, Dept. of Calif. It contains record cards, Transmitted Cash balance Sheet, and statements from January 1966 through August 1977.
  38. Membership Register The American Legion Department of California Troy L. Martin Post #334 29 Palms, California 92277 from 5-13-70 to 3-1-86.
  39. American Legion Troy L. Martin Post 334 Financial and FAX Records. 1973 to Mar. 3, 1986.
  40. Wooden plaque with these words and a symbol on brass: 100% Membership March 17, 1978 American Legion Symbol is in the middle. Then the words: Post #334 25 District.
  41. Desert Magazine March 1966
  42. The Sun Runner Magazine Oct. 1998
  43. The American Desert Magazine Feb. 1993. All of the listed American Legion items and magazines are from the estate of Lolita Mendoza. Donated by Greg and Rosalie Mendoza.
  44. A Piece of Baling Wire Homestead in the Desert by Grace L. Loomis, published by Mohave River Valley Assoc. 1999. Signed and inscribed by author.
  45. Ambush The Story of Bill Keys by Art Kidwell, published by Pioneer Publishing Co., 1979. Signed by author.
  46. Sand in Mu Shoe by Helen Bagley, published by Calico Press 1978. First Edition. Author signed and inscribed to Sally Ince. The three books are from the Susan Ince Estate.
  47. Parsons Machine Shop I Photos, Wheel assemblies, pages on ignition problems from Matterly's business.
  48. Two pictures of Barbara Grether Schneider; one when she was young, and one when of her in old age.
  49. Four photographs of 29 Palms High School 30th Reunion taken om June 26, 1993 cruise.
  50. Packet of photos of Charlie and Helen Matterly.
  51. Three booklets of 29 Palms Historic songs.
  52. Folder from Charlie Matherly's Business. Paperwork from 1943 to 1946.
  53. Correspondence from Piston Supply company to Matterly Auto: invoices
  54. Executive Bulletin M-118 dated 9-23-42 entitled Employment of Women.
  55. Aircraft and Engine Mechanical Pointers School Squadron and Engine Mechanics Training.
  56. Handwritten cooler replacement dimensions.
  57. Air News Magazine Vol. 3 Number 6 December 1942 issue. Airplane Spotter pictures.
  58. Amphenol Catalog and Manual Aircraft Maintenance
  59. TURCO Presents: Inside says Harry Hopkins General Manager 29 Palms Flying Academy, 29 Palms California Products for airplane/glider maintenance.
  60. #1527 Panamin Mines Vol. 2 A.D. Meyers Deeds and Agreements for Little Chief Mines and Mill site. Items from 44 through 60 donated by Geraldine "Jerri" Hagman.
  61. Wooden box 6-1/2" X 9-1/4" holding 16 and 18 mm film reels of 29 Palms Pioneer Days businesses and other activities. Three big 8mm reels and one 16 mm big reel in metal case.
  62. Nine packets and boxes of 8 mm film that date from 1950's through 1968. Wooden box and all films donated by Trevin Boreman.
  63. Priests On The Firing Line published 1916 featuring WWI chaplains.
  64. Pieces of broken glass found in the desert donated by Steven Lambert.
  65. Valentine and Easter cards for a child. These are from the 1930's. Donated by Sherry Craft.
  66. A blue silk pillow case with yellow fringe around the case. Printed tanks, a jeep, cacti and the words Desert Training Camp are printed in a matching yellow. This was donated by Rodney H. Smith.
  67. Rusted compass. It once had a rawhide tie.
  68. Map of Twentynine Palms, California with pictures from the community to illustrate that this is a wonderful place to live and invest.
  69. Two shaving sticks in aluminum cap tubes. William Double Cap written on bottom and top.
  70. Two Prince Albert Pipe and Cigarette tobacco cans. Each 1-1/2 oz. The last items from our favorite donor: Left on the Door Knob.
  71. Two letters dated 1941 to an early resident of 29 Palms. Donated by Karen Meyers.

Please be aware that the different ways I type in information with or without capital letters means that I am copying it from the way it was spelled or written on the item. Dates and addresses are something that people who setting up the titles or recording the information used different styles.

We are truly grateful to all who donated. Your generosity allows us to save the history of our community for future generations.

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