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Accessions Report - Fall 2018

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Summer has been a bit brutal, but it is about to end. Then our busy fall season starts. There have been so many changes at the Old Schoolhouse, I am not going to list them, just drop by and take a look.

Our task force changed during the summer. I have had a wonderful helper, Julia Sizek. Without her I may not have been able to go through all the donations we received. Rosalie Mendoza has a job for life scanning the old negatives. Sandy Rogers has found employment that pays. Joni Franklin is imputing the data that Sandy was handling. I think that means her job has doubled. Pat Rimmington and John Steiner are researching. Dana Bowden has created a new exhibit for the main room. We hope you have seen the Tribute to the Women in the Marines in the main exhibition room. Another exhibit is planned for October.

Jim Krushat keeps the Membership up to date and works on a military exhibit to be. Cheryl Erickson has added the library donations to her to do list. Nolan has all the Treasurer duties. Les Snodgrass has been working like a madman for the construction of our Expansion addition. It is looking good out there.

All researchers studying the history of Twentynine Palms or the Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on that day. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Six packets of pictures.
  2. Sand In My Shoe by Helen Bagley. Published by Adobe Road Publications, 3rd printing 1997.
  3. Desert Creations From Your Neighbor In The Sand, by Officers Wives Club MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA. Published by Walters Publishing.
  4. In The Shadow Of The Palms by Art Kidwell Volume 1. Published by Desert Moon Press 1986.
  5. Growing Up At Desert Queen Ranch by Willis Keys and Art Kidwell. Published by Desert Moon Press 1997. Signed and inscribed by authors.
  6. The Adobes Of Twentynine Palms by Pat Rimmington. Published by Desert Moon Press 1988 First Edition. Signed and inscribed by author.
  7. More Than Words California State Series. Published by the MacMillan Reading Program 1969.
  8. Health Trails California State Series Textbook. 1959
  9. Language For Daily Use California State Text Book 4th edition 1949
  10. California Mission Days by Helen Bauer California State Textbook 1957
  11. Ranches and Rainbows California State Textbook Published by Ginn & Co. 1959
  12. Trails to Treasure California State Textbook Revised Edition Ginn & Company 1961
  13. Far and Near Ginn Basic Reader
  14. Shining Badges The McMillan Reading Program 1965
  15. The New Times and Lace Teacher Edition
  16. Journeys Through Bookland by Charles H. Sylvester 1915
  17. On Cherry Street Ginn Basic Reader
  18. Pioneering in Ten Communities Social Studies
  19. Toy wooden horse four inches high.
  20. Wooden yoke
  21. Box of assorted rusty horse shoes
  22. The Harvey Girls by Samuel Hopkins Adams. Published by The World Publishing Co. 1946 2nd Printing.
  23. The Cash Boy by Horatio Alger, Jr. Published by The New York Book Co. 1909.
  24. General Foods Cook Book Signed and inscribed by "Baba." Published by Consumer Service Department General Foods Corp. 1934.
  25. When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne. F, O Dutton & Co., Inc. 194th Printing 1935
  26. My Story Book by Nila Benton Smith, PhD.
  27. The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. Published by Books Incorp.
  28. California Mission Days by Helen Bauer, California State Textbook 1957.
  29. My Story Book by Nila Baton Smith, PhD. World Book Co., 1926
  30. Arithmetic Book One California State Series by Edward Lee Thorndike.
  31. The Bigelow Papers by James R. Lowell. Published by W. B. Conkey Co., 1901
  32. Madame Currie: A Biography by Eve Currie. Published by Doubleday Durant Co. Inc. 1938
  33. World Music Horizons Published by Silver Burdett Co. 1951
  34. 3-1/2" Branding iron with wooden handle.
  35. 14" hay hook.
  36. Doubletree yoke 29" leather strap hanging on one end.
  37. Box of old books for display or for silent auction
  38. Varied photos from around town, state, and of the Weed Show.
  39. Buttons from 29 Palms Pioneer Days
  40. Kerosene lantern. Orange glass lamp. 7-1/2" tall. Mfg. Dietz Traffic Guard, Syracuse, NY.
  41. Iron spike
  42. U shaped piece of iron (not horse shoe) 6" long, 3" wide.
  43. Cobbler's Shoe Form
  44. 10-1/2" Cobbler's Shoe Stand
  45. Gopher Trap with chain 9" wide 3" tall.
  46. Newspaper clippings
  47. Mokel's Desert Flowers Notebook by Henry R. Mockell and Beverly Mockell. Self-published 1971.
  48. Image of America Twentynine Palms by Vickie Waite, Al Gartner, and Paul Smith. Published by Arcadia Publishing 2007.
  49. Image of America Marines at Twentynine Palms by Thomas Q. O'Hara. Published by Arcadia Publishing 2007
  50. Two bells fused together to form a cowbell.
  51. Outside decorative hanging bell.
  52. Four horse shoes and one mule horse shoe.
  53. 13-1/2" Lantern rusted
  54. The Man Without A Country by Edward Everett Hale. Published by Charles Merrill Co. 1910.
  55. Under The Lilacs by Louisa M. Alcott. Published by AL Burt Co. 1919.
  56. Two Atlas mason jars.
  57. Old Mr. Boston Whiskey bottle
  58. Various lengths of chain
  59. Freckles by Gene Straton–Porter. Published by Doubleday, Page & Co. Oct. 1904.
  60. Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. Published by Gossett & Dunlap 1917.
  61. Butter churn with lid and all the gears and wooden paddles.
  62. Pitching horse shoe
  63. Rusty Kerosene can
  64. Four duplicate copies publications by Joshua Tree National Park Association.
  65. Wild Life of the North America Deserts by James W. Cornell. Published by Nature Trails Press.
  66. Flowers and Shrubs of the Mojave Desert by Eunice Emily Bowers. Southwest Parks and Monuments Assoc. publication 1999.
  67. Watkins Double Strength Imitation Vanilla Extract bottle.
  68. Atlas EZ Seal jar with glass lid.
  69. Ball Ideal canning jar with glass lid.
  70. Atlas E-Z seal large canning jar. No lid
  71. Baby Rattle Snakes (book for children, no author or publisher)
  72. Three insulators on wooden pegs
  73. Box of old insulators
  74. Purple glass bottle. It has For the teeth Sanitol Brand in raised printing.
  75. In The Shadow of the Palms Vol. I by Art Kidwell. Published by Desert Moon Press.
  76. The Mystery of Grange Drayton by Eliza Kerr. Published by Robert Culley, London.
  77. Southwest Desert Wildlife book
  78. Little Orphan Annie by James Whitcomb Riley.
  79. Seashells of the World Golden Nature Guide
  80. Birds pamphlet
  81. Frederic Remington's Own West by Frederic Remington. Illustrated by Harold McCracken. Published by New York Dial Press 1960.
  82. Box of miscellaneous older bottles. Items from the beginning to here are from the Anita Mercy Estate donated by Michael McTeer.
  83. Yucca Valley News Vol. 3, No. 30. Wednesday, July 23, 1969
  84. Desert Journal Vol. 9, No. 31. Thursday, March 26, 1954.
  85. Sunrise Hills Easter Morning Services booklet. 1954. Local people took parts in the pageant. Photo of a man on the Cross. This took place in Joshua Tree.
  86. Story of Day Day Spring on cardboard.
  87. W. I. Wright's Ice Cream pictured on two Postcards. One 8X11" Postcard. The location is Hollywood.
  88. Promotion book for the movie The Greatest Story Ever Told. Items from 82 to here were donated by Margaret Hayner Engel.
  89. 1999 El Oasis Yearbook
  90. 2015 El Oasis Yearbook
  91. 2016 El Oasis Yearbook
  92. 2018 El Oasis Yearbook. The yearbooks were donated by the Twentynine Palms High School.
  93. Cross stich embroidered Sampler by Alice Stratten for her wedding.
  94. Medical Plants of Joshua Tree, California and Surrounding Area by Peri Lee Pipkin and Molly Bella Moore. Self published 2015. Last two items donated by Pat Rimminton.
  95. Wrubel 2018 Reunion hat. This included a note from Ed Wrubel Lifset (Allie Wrubel's nephew and godson) explaining who the Lady of Twentynine Palms really was. It seems it was Allie Wrubel's wife all this time. Mystery solved. There were 80 members of the Wrubel family at the reunion. The two items donated by Charles and Ed Wrubel Lifeset and the Wrubel family.
  96. 29 Palms Hospital Auxiliary and Guild Scrapbook. February 1963 to October 1970. This was found in our Library.
  97. Letter opener. This was business give away. Dobbler's Hi-Desert Food Service, Inc. and telephone number imprinted on it. Donated by Karen L. Meyers.
  98. CD of Willis Keys at Desert Queen Ranch 2005, the yellow envelope slip to hold it. Also newspaper clippings. All donated by Jeff Ohlfs.
  99. From the Hockett Estate: Photo of Bagley Store.
  100. Wildcat Gazette Nov. 15, 1940. 3 cents per copy
  101. Wildcat Gazette Vol. II Dec. 9, 1940 Copy 5. 3 cents per copy.
  102. Wildcat Gazette Dec. 30, 1940 3 cents per copy. Words from Christmas Carol is at the top of this issue.
  103. El Oasis 1944 Year Books
  104. El Oasis 1944
  105. El Oasis 1941 Signed by Harold Hockett's friends.
  106. El Oasis 1945
  107. El Oasis 1945
  108. El Oasis 1942
  109. El Oasis 1942
  110. El Oasis 1946
  111. El Oasis 1948
  112. Harold Hockett's English Exercise from College. All the items from #99 to here were donated by Roger Begin and are from the Hockett Estate.
  113. Western hat worn by Ted Hayes.
  114. Plaque dedicating the Twentynine Palm High School's gym to Ted Hayes.
  115. Sandy Hayes Shelver's Girl Scout flashlight, soap dish, box for Girl Scout compass and compass with Sandy Hayes written on back, Girl Scout sewing kit.
  116. Two Girl Scout Handbooks. One published in 1948 and one in 1950. The latter has notes from Sandy and a Sewing Exercise.
  117. Girl Scout tooth brush in case, two aluminum Girl Scout camping utensils with canvas covers.
  118. Girl Scout cap, yellow scarf, and Sandy Hayes Shelver's Girl Scout uniform with badges on the sleeve. Girl Scout belt and Girl Scout band for unknown purpose. All the items from 113 to here were donated by Sandy Hayes Shelver.
  119. Map Twentynine Palms Quadrangle No. 2500 1950. Map Salton Sea 1:250000 1953, .Map Needles 1:250000 1953
  120. Pickle jar with handle, gas can, one Pioneer Day button, two mason jars, one iron shoe repair stand.
  121. Wooden box for fruit with Coachella, CA imprinted on it.
  122. Wooden box for carrying Pepsi Cola.
  123. Insulator. Items 119 to 123 from Anita Mercy Estate donated by Michael McTreer.
  124. Desert Flower Notebook by Henry Mockell and signed by author. Donated by Janet Proudfoot.
  125. Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
  126. Pierre Pidgeon by Lee Kingman
  127. The Little Island by Golden MacDonald
  128. Dick Whittington and His Cat by Marcia Brown.
  129. Two boxes of books for the school room or any other purpose. The children's books and assorted books were donated by Steffen family.
  130. Wonder Valley by Ivy Pochoda. Published by Harper Collins 2017 Signed and donated by author, Ivy Pochoda.
  131. The Mohave River and Its Valley by Erma Pierson. Published by Arthur H. Clark Company 1970.
  132. Gem Trails of California by James R. Mitchell. Published by Gem Guides Book Co. 5th Edition 1991.
  133. Routes To Desert Walking Places In The Mojave Desert Region California. Published by the Dept. of Interior Government Printing Office 1921.
  134. Journal Naturalist Reflects on Arid California by Raymond B. Cowles. Published by University of California 1977.
  135. Sand in My Shoe by Helen Bagley. Published by Homestead Publishers 2nd printing 1980.
  136. Mohave National Reserve by Cheri Rae and John McKinney. Published by Olympus Press 1999.
  137. Desert Treasure by Helen Heffernan , Irmagarde Richards, Alice Salisbury Published by Harr Wagner Publishing Co. 3rd Printing 1955
  138. Sand in My Shoe by Helen Bagley. Published by Calico Press 1st Edition 1978.
  139. Upper Mojave Desert A Living Legacy by Mary Ann O'Conley. Published by Harlo Press 1969.
  140. A Peculiar Piece of Desert by Lulu Rasmussen O'Neal. Published by Sagebrush Press 1st Reprint 1981
  141. Mines of the Mojave by Ron & Peggy Miller published by La Siesta Press 1992.
  142. Growing Up At The Desert Queen Ranch by Willis Keys & Art Kidwell. Published by Desert Moon Press 1997.
  143. Maruba Homesteading in Lanfair Valley by Maud Morrow Sharp & Margaret Sharp Moore. Published by Tales of the Mojave Road 2004.
  144. Sun, Sand, and Solitude by Randall Henderson. Published by Western Lore Press 1968
  145. Jubilee Trail by Gwen Bristow. Published by Thomas Y, Crowell Company 1950.
  146. The Bradshaw Trail by Francis Johnston. Published by Historical Commission Press (no date)
  147. The Great California Deserts by W. Storrs Lee. Published by Historical Commission Press (no date)
  148. My Life On The Mojave by Jane LeMert Paxton. Published by Vantage Press 1957
  149. Death Valley in '49 by William Lewis Manly. Published by Readex Microprint Corporation 1966
  150. Piece Of Baling Wire Homesteading In The Desert by Grace Loomis Odell. Published by Mojave River Valley Museum 2000.
  151. Pioneer Family of Whiskey Flat by Marcia Aittebhous Winn. Self-published 1945.
  152. Burro Bill And Me by Edna Calkins Price. Published by Death Valley National History Assoc. 1973.
  153. Fox Song 100 Years of Cow Ranching in San Bernardino Mountains, Mojave Desert by Kendall J. Stone. Published by Sagebrush Press 3rd Edition 1993.
  154. The Adobes of Twentynine Palms by Pat Rimmington. Revised Edition. Published by Desert Moon Press (no date) Signed by author.
  155. Two copies of Images of America Twentynine Palms by Vickie Waite, Al Gartner, and Paul Smith. Published by Arcadia Publishing 2007. Items from 130 to here were donated by James Woolsey and his wife.

Please be aware that the different ways I type in information with or without capital letters means that I am copying it from the way it was spelled or written on the item. Dates and addresses are something that people who setting up the titles or recording the information used different styles.

We are truly grateful to all who donated. Your generosity allows us to save the history of our community for future generations.

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