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Accessions Report - Winter 2018

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

Did I mention busy fall season last time? It certainly was and still is. Our Old Timers Gathering was a big success, we've had the General Membership meeting and elected the new/old Board of Director members, and had our Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Our task force has changed again. Unfortunately, Joni Franklin has left the Accessions Committee. We do miss her. Rosalee Mendoza has a job for life scanning the old negatives and a few other tasks. Pat Rimminton and John Steiner are researching. Dana Bowden and Marilyn Fernald have created a new exhibit for the main room. Cheryl Erickson works with Velma Holland on our Library books. She has also picked up some of the data work that Joni was doing, plus handling any Thank You correspondence.

Jim Krushat is still compiling funds and items for a military exhibit and the Membership Roll. Nolan has all the Treasurer duties. Les Snodgrass continues the construction work for the Expansion addition among all his other duties. Since retiring, Larry Bowden has joined him, and I noticed Bob Carter out there also. I'm sure there are more, but I'm not there to see them.

All researchers studying the history of Twentynine Palms or the Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on that day. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Pioneer Town USA by Kenneth B. Gentry Self Published 2018. Donated by Cheryl Erickson
  2. Modern mining tools for display: Two short handled spades, two green handled pick/claw tools, one small hula hoe, one short handled shovel, one claw digger. All tools donated by Jeff "Doc" Smeaton.
  3. Scrapbook for America Legion Auxiliary 1949 to 1950
  4. Gliders and Glider Training by Emanuele Stieri Published by Essential Books 1943 Signed by Janne Marie Tobian, 29 Palms CA 1944.
  5. 29 Years in 29 Palms transcript. Excerpts from a tape made by William Hatch Bagley on May Day, May 4, 1957.
  6. Ten Christmas Cards by Merritt Boyer.
  7. Six Ration Books from Harz and Marlow with all the stamps.
  8. Three receipts from Military gasoline from V. L. Harz.
  9. Shoe Certificate for Vinton Harz.
  10. Mileage Ration book for Mabel J. Marlow
  11. Glider Pilots Log Book No. 387 Vinton E. Harz, S.Sgt. 1942.
  12. Six photographs. Last ten items all came from the Harz-Kuhlmeyer family.
  13. 20X16" aerial photograph of 29 Palms, Pomona First Federal Savings PF on bottom. The rest of the printing is cut off. Donated by Debbie Watts.
  14. Photos on paper of Kellog Switchboard with Masterphone attached and a wall phone with a Bakelite receiver attached. The research information is also included. Donated by April Gibson.
  15. Nine editions of Yucca Valley News from June 1968 to Wed., April 1, 1970
  16. Hi Desert Star Sunday Magazine Oct. 14, 1990 and Jan. 15, 1989, plus various clippings and photographs.
  17. High Desert Museum Art Catalog of Kirk Martin Paintings April 2 & 3, 1988.
  18. Interludes by Kirk Martin, printed and self-published through Sage Brush Press.
  19. Woodcut and block engraving of a palm tree on palm tree paper by Kirk Martin.
  20. Twelve photos of various artworks.
  21. 8X15" Joshua Tree painting by H. R. Mockel.
  22. 12-1/4" X 14" Wood framed desert landscape painting by Kirk Martin.
  23. Three handcrafted ceramic pieces with an unknown purpose. Last nine pieces donated by Marcia V. Pealstrom.
  24. Pink corset with garters and embroidered pink flowers. From the Susan Luckie Reilly estate and donated by Janice Tucker.
  25. El Oasis Year Books 1960 through 1963.
  26. El Oasis Year Books from 1967 to1992.
  27. The Sound of Passing Feet by Eva Belle G. Pomeroy, and published bt Hill House Tales.
  28. 29 Palms High School Luncheon Program June 8, 1983
  29. Road Runner Vol. 17 No. 9 June 6, 1975
  30. The Road Runner June 1987 Year books and other items from the 29 Palms High School donated by Walt and Velma Holland.
  31. Sheet Music, The Bagley Calyso by Allie Wrubel.
  32. Sheet Music, 29 Years in 29 Palms by Allie Wrubel. May 4th 1957 written on the bottom.
  33. Letter to Theodore Hayes, Principal of 29 Palms High School written by Class of '41, signed by Elizabeth Watson, Lois Marlow Hartz, and Katherine Jeanne Prince nee Savard.
  34. Twentynine Palms 8th Annual Commencement Program June First 1945.
  35. Another copy of the June First 1945 program, but this one has notes for comments, but does not specify who made them.
  36. Art work of an elephant for a child to color. Last six items donated by Liz Meyer.
  37. The History of 29 Palms by the 4/5 Combination Class of Palm Vista Elementary School, 29 Palms. Class taught by Kathy Ferguson, May 5, 1991. They thank all who helped. Student designed cover. Donated by Pat Rimmington.
  38. 8 X 10" glossed photo page with five pictures of 29 Palms High School Students and Adobe Hotel: Mineral Club, Spanish Club. One picture of the Adobe Motel (donator's written identification), Spanish Club, and a photo of Anne Miller, Ted Hayes, and Lois Marlow sitting at desks. Donated by Jeffrey Johnson.
  39. WWII leather Navy Air Force Jacket with official Navy Air Force Badge on right side. Donated by Walter (Walt) Holland who wore it while flying bombers off airships. "I'm never going to wear this again," Walt said as he donated it.

Please be aware that the different ways I type in information with or without capital letters means that I am copying it from the way it was spelled or written on the item. Dates and addresses are something that people who setting up the titles or recording the information used different styles.

We are truly grateful to all who donated. Your generosity allows us to save the history of our community for future generations.

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