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Accessions Report - Summer 2019

by Marilyn Collier

Wednesday morning volunteers

The summer is now here with temperatures hitting 100 or more. That means many of our friends and neighbors will visit elsewhere and our hours for the Old Schoolhouse Museum change. It does not mean that your Accession Committee takes a break. Some may miss a day or two but we are here every Wednesday morning.

Sue McMahan is still keeping our files in order and adding what needs to be added. Gretchen Himmeger has returned to her summer home but will return in the late fall or early winter. Rosalee Mendoza has added the membership list to her skills while still trying to whittle down the negatives and photographs into digital form.

Pat Rimminton, John Steiner, and Marilyn Fernald helped wad through all the remaining boxes from the Susan Luckie Riley estate. Dana Bowden and Marilyn Fernald freshen the look of the exhibits and Dana Bowden was working on another. It will probably be up when you receive this issue. Cheryl Erickson works with Velma Holland on our Library books and data entry, plus handling any Thank You correspondence.

Jim Krushat is still compiling funds and items for a military exhibit. Nolan has all the Treasurer duties. Les Snodgrass is supervising the completion of the expansion project. Larry Bowden is helping when he can as have other volunteers.

All researchers studying the history of Twentynine Palms or the Morongo Basin history are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon as we are always at the Old Schoolhouse Museum Library on that day. For those that live farther away, you are able to contact us through our website. The information on how to obtain research assistance is there. Requests by e-mail and regular mail are restricted to one or two specific area requests. A $20.00 donation is required by the e-mail and regular mail requests. If you want to know what is happening at the Old Schoolhouse Museum or view the latest and oldest photographs visit:

  1. Craftsman rock tumbling tool
  2. Stand for under the rock tumbling tool. Some of the parts are missing.
  3. Bucket part of Tumbling Barrel, London Co., Joshua Tree, Calif. Rock tumbling tools donated by Donna Miller.
  4. Out West Number One, Volume One, Edited and published by J. Wilson McKenney, Milmac Press Fall 1966.
  5. Out West, Volume 2, Edited and published by J. Wilson McKenney, Wilmac Press Fall 1967.
  6. Out West, Volume Three #dited and published by J. Wilson McKenney, Wilmac Press, October 1968. The three books are from the Al and Marion Gartner Collection 2016.
  7. Desert Women of 29 Palms Calendar 2006. Donated by Cheryl Erickson.
  8. Key Chain with leather fob for Bob McCown. Can Sell You The Rest Of This Lot In 29 Palms, California is written on the back.
  9. Three more of the key chains from Bob McCown's business. All donated by Pat Rimmington.
  10. Dr. Luckie's stethoscope.
  11. Dr. Luckie's Account Journal 1961-62.
  12. Minerva Hoyt California Desert Conservation Award (trophy) Joshua Tree National Park Association 2004. Inaugural Award given to Susan Luckie Moore.
  13. Typewriter brush and eraser. The eraser is still in the package.
  14. Rubber stamp: 29 Palms, CA
  15. Two bottle stoppers
  16. Eye Drop bottle.
  17. One pound English money. Bank of England.
  18. Bank of England: ten shillings
  19. Badge: Hi-Desert Tract Owners Assoc.
  20. Blue Leather Wallet
  21. Set of fountain brushes in box.
  22. Cleanser for fountain heads.
  23. Brush Bottle
  24. One set box.
  25. Brass dispenser for stamps.
  26. Rubber bottle stopper.
  27. Two Ivory handle Button Hooks, each slightly different.
  28. Plastic orange and ivory shoe horn.
  29. Nail tool, plastic ivory colored handle.
  30. Cloth name tape; white with green print: Susan Moore.
  31. Last Will and Testament of William C. Reilly.
  32. Original Court Deposition of Susan Luckie Reilly. (Case over William C. Reilly's Will). Items White ba10 through 32 all from Susan Luckie's Estate.
  33. Handmade dress, yellow and purple print.
  34. Handmade bonnet.
  35. Little Church of the Desert Report prepared by California State of the Bureau of Land Management November 1968. Last three items from Ruth Ann Morris Estate donated through Dana Bowden.
  36. The Voice of the Desert by Joseph Wood Krutch, published 1972, fifth printing. From Ruth Ann Morris Estate through H. Wolff.
  37. Telephone tester kit in wooden box with leather strap.
  38. Brown wooden business sign has green trim around the rim. AUNT THANN'S is in yellow letters, c 1990.
  39. Green Photo Album includes typed explanation of events. Last three items from Ruth Ann Morris Estate through Dana Bowden.
  40. Bagley's Store oil on canvas by Chuck Caplinger.
  41. In An Earthly Manner booklet of artwork by Chuck Caplinger for November 1-25, 2018 Exhibition at 29 Palms Art Gallery. Last two items donated by Chuck Caplinger.
  42. State of California Special Studies Zone Quadrangle Official Map 1988. It has potentially Active Faults, Marine Base, 29 Palms and part of Desert Heights.
  43. Gold Park Project Gold Mining District, Riverside, CA. Map of Gold Park Mining area inside Joshua Tree Monument. 1989 Abandoned Draco Mines Inc. Two enlarged Gold Park Prokect Maps are copies from this one. The four maps donated by Robert Wallace from Ren Sheffer.
  44. Thomas & Sons Dept. Store 29 Palms wallet picture card holder donated by Deb Ohlfs.
  45. C. F. Chuck Kaiser Candidate of School Board 3-1/4 X 5-3/4 Card.
  46. Eleven photographs of 29 Palms events.
  47. Six business advertisement match books. Last three items donated by Suzie Kaiser.
  48. White 29 Palms High School basketball tee with 29 Palms in green on front.
  49. White 29 Palms High School basketball jersey with 45 on back and 45 Wild Cats on front. All lettering in green.
  50. White 29 Palms High School basketball jersey with 41 Wildcats on front and 41 on back. All lettering in green.
  51. Red Schilling & Company Cayenne Red Pepper Spice can, two ounces. c, 1950's.
  52. Two Kenney's Drug Store Pill Boxes.
  53. 29 Palms Inn empty match book. Items 48 through 53 from John Klink Estate donated through Dana Bowden.
  54. We were all in awe of the Bagley Store art from Chuck Caplinger. It is a treasure for our museum. Now Dana Bowden has the difficult choice of the best display space for this great piece.

Please be aware that the different ways I type in information with or without capital letters means that I am copying it from the way it was spelled or written on the item. Dates and addresses are something that people who setting up the titles or recording the information used different styles.

We are truly grateful to all who donated. Your generosity allows us to save the history of our community for future generations.

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