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Accessions Report - Summer 2020

by Cathy Snodgrass

Wednesday morning volunteers

As you might expect, I don't have a list of accessions for this quarter, and the reason should be clear to everyone. Though things weren't hopping, there has been activity behind the scenes. Gift Shop personnel, Dana Bowden and Melanie Robbins, still came in to clean the area and look for ways to organize the Gift Shop for that time when we could open the doors once more. Nolan Lockwood came in frequently to check the mail and pay the bills. Les Snodgrass came in to see that the facility remained in good working order and things were secure. Board members even found a way to have their monthly meetings while keeping socially distant. Thank goodness for Founders Hall that gave them the ability to spread out!

About a month into the quarantine I heard someone say that the Historical Society didn't need any money because we were closed. My heart plummeted. Bills still had to be paid. Buildings and grounds still needed to be maintained. Because the museum and gift shop were closed, no income or donations were coming in. The closure also meant that we were unable to have our yearly fundraiser (Desert Bash). So the $300 grant given to us by the Military Spouses Association was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Cheryl Gillon's generosity, $600 was raised for the Historical Society by Tami Roleff and Cathy Snodgrass, who reviewed 600 scholarship applications for the Gladys Carol Scholarship Program. Board member Jeff Dunn paid a landscaper to clean the grounds. I so love it when people come together to help, find a better way, and help weave positivity through the world.

Not receiving any accessions has freed up time so that Dana Bowden and Cathy Snodgrass can start the laborious process of inventorying everything the Twentynine Palms Historical Society possesses. This will allow us to ensure all those items are in our database and the location of said item is correct. And that should allow for easier retrieval for exhibits, research, and be the very important records for insurance purposes. It's going to take a very long time to get this done.

As for Wednesday work days... No research is allowed at this time. Wednesday, July 1st, was the first time since March that we had a full crew working. Prior to that date it wasn't that we made a firm decision to come in. It was more like we started trickling in one at a time as restrictions lifted until we realized at the end of June everyone was there except for one person. We decided we'd better give her a call. So we did.

So that's us—the volunteers of the Twentynine Palms Historical Society continuing to work behind the scenes, doing the best we can to keep things running.

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