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You are cordially invited to bring your class to the Old Schoolhouse Museum for a tour. The Museum is housed in the old Twentynine Palms Grammer School, the oldest public building in the Morongo Basin.

School tour Our tour is broken into three mini segments:

1. the original Schoolhouse room where students sit in old school desks and listen to historic tales;
2. the middle room where they are introduced to artifacts of the Native Americans,miners, cattlemen, homesteaders and the military base. Here they participate in a Hunt for History; and
3. your class may also shop in the Gift Shop and purchase items on their own or we will make Gift Bags for $3.00 each. These bags need to be ordered at least a week before your visit and paid for during your visit. Hunt for history

Once you make your tour reservation we will send you a handout with historical facts. This will enable the students to be better prepared and to anticipate an interesting trip. Our handout and tour are designed to help you meet the requirements set forth in the California State Social Studies Standards for 3rd Grade.

To make reservations please call Sue at 760-367-7171 or email We need two or more weeks notice.

A donation to the Museum, if your funds allow, would be greatly appreciated to help cover the cost of materials.

School Tours Report - Winter 2013

by Doris Lawless

Palm Vista's Third Grade teachers and 40 students hiked through the desert to visit the Old Schoolhouse and the Art Gallery on Thursday, Nov. 21st.

Their classes visited last spring, but of course this is a new group of 3rd Grade fledglings. These students were equipped with water bottles and they did not have a sweltering sun bearing down on them. In fact they experienced nice brisk fall weather.

They were spirited and very interested in history. They immediately began asking questions. "What is that metal thing at the front of the entrance?" Sue McMahan was able to begin her talk before entering the building and the students learned that the symbols represent the three early groups of people who lived in our area. The Native Americans, the prospectors, and the homesteaders. The 20 students then found a seat in the original schoolhouse room and they interacted with Mrs. McMahan with questions and comments about the desks, ink wells, the "burro school bus", the clock and flag.

Students then followed Doris Lawless into the Artifact room with their "Hunting for History" books and began exploring the artifacts of the Native Americans, Miners and Homesteaders. Interesting comments of the students were:
"Cool, they actually used those rocks to grind up seeds?" "Is the dynamite hooked up?" "I think that they used the Mine Hoist Bell to tell everyone when someone found GOLD, or maybe to tell everyone it was time to quit!" Many were intrigued by the Hastie Bus. "Who drove it?" "Where did it take people and why did they use a money changer?" "It would be fun to ride in it" The roller skates were also a HOT item. "How did you keep them on?" "Why is there a key?" A couple of the boys were awed by the wood stove. "It would be fun to collect wood to start a fire."

Nolan Lockwood was our Gift Shop docent. The teachers bought a $3.00 Gift Bag of "stuff" for each of their students. A number of students also shopped individually. So our Museum, not only attracted future history buffs, but also netted about $160 for our coffers.

A parting comment was "Mrs. Lawless this whole museum is so cool, I want to bring my mom and dad here to see all this history!"


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