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School Tour Procedures and Rules

The Old Schoolhouse Museum accommodates tour groups from public, private, parochial and home schools and non-school youth groups. The admission is free, however donations are appreciated and encouraged.

Tour Request

Tours may be scheduled by filling out a Tour Request and Agreement Form (See Scheduling a Tour below). Generally, tours are conducted between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

One adult supervisor is required for every 10 students (one for every 5 students under age 5). You must have the required number of supervisors or your group will not be admitted into the Museum.

Please note: We require that the adult supervisors (chaperones and teachers) do just that—SUPERVISE—by staying with the group, keeping the children together and maintaining discipline. All supervisors should know the goals of the visit, their responsibilities and the Museum policies as outlined below:

All members of the group must check in together.

Large groups will be divided into smaller groups (usually 15 or less). Groups must stay together during their tour.

Students should not use electronic games, portable media players, or any other electronic devices on guided tours. Cell phones may be used for photography, and cameras and video recording devices are allowed and encouraged. Cell phone calls are not allowed during tours.

Students should not run, make excessive noise, or cross barriers. They should not touch any of the artifacts or displays unless specifically invited to do so by their tour docent.

Students in group tours may visit the Museum Store in limited numbers under the supervision of at least one of the adults in the group.

The rights of Museum staff and other visitors must be respected at all times. These rules apply to all groups visiting the Museum.

If you need to cancel your tour notify us by phone or email.


Although we want everyone to have a great time, it sometimes happens that someone participating in a tour can behave badly or do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort or convenience of the other members and/or museum staff. In those circumstances the museum docents and managers have the exclusive right and discretion, to expel them from a tour at any time, without any claims or complaints against us.


Food is not available at the Museum and lunch space is limited to the front porch. We require that all school groups take care of their own trash after their visit.

We look forward to welcoming your group to the Museum!

Museum Store

The Old Schoolhouse Museum Gift Shop offers books, postcards, pencils, and toys for children. You are welcome to shop in the Gift Shop after you have completed your program. Up to 10 students are allowed in the Store at one time with an adult chaperone. Additional chaperones must supervise the remainder of the group.

School Tours

The Museum offers free tours for grades K - 6 from September through May. Third grade tours have accompanying lesson plans that can be completed in the classroom before Museum visits Lesson plans are designed to meet the History and Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools and engage students' multiple intelligences. Viewing and discussing artifacts and displays enriches learning and enhances critical thinking skills.

Elementary grade tours are docent-led, but middle school and high school teachers may lead their own tours of the Museum Collection if they notify the Museum in advance. All students and chaperones are FREE.

Many docents drive a long way to be here for your scheduled tour so please, if you must cancel notify us in advance.

Scheduling a Tour

All school tours of the Old Schoolhouse Museum are FREE! However, donations are appreciated.

To schedule a tour, complete the form below and make a copy for your records. Forms with incomplete information may delay your tour request. Your tour is not finalized until you receive a written confirmation.

Tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Advance scheduling is required. Please book your tour at least six weeks prior to the date you are requesting.

1. Select possible dates and times that you would like to bring your group to the Museum. Guided tours are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridy beginning at 9:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m.

2. Tour requests must be submitted at least six weeks in advance on our convenient Tour Request and Agreement Form (PDF). Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete information may delay your tour request. Since date, time, and other details of your request may have to be adjusted, please do not assume a date is reserved for you until you receive confirmation. The tour request form may be submitted in the following ways:

By email (preferred) to

By mail:

School Tours, Old Schoolhouse Museum
Twentynine Palms Historical Society
6760 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Please inform the Education Coordinator if:

  • Your students would like to eat lunch on the front porch
  • You plan to stay in the Museum after your tour is finished
  • You have students with special needs
  • Wheelchair access is needed

3. After your visit is scheduled, you will receive confirmation by email, followed by a packet of information in the mail / by email. Your tour is not confirmed until you have received the email and printed information:

4. About a week before your visit, a Museum Docent (volunteer) will contact you to learn about your goals and expectations for your tour. This brief conversation will help our Docents plan a learning experience tailored to the needs of your students.

5. Prepare for your visit by reviewing the confirmation information, including School Tour Guidelines, with all students and chaperones. Students have the best museum experience when they know what to expect and what is expected of them. Some teachers find it helpful to review the School Tour Guidelines on the bus on the way to the Museum.

6. If you must cancel your tour, please notify the Education Coordinator as soon as possible. Voicemail and email are available 24 hours a day at 760-367-2366 and

Planning school visits

Visiting the Old Schoolhouse Museum is an invaluable learning experience for students. It's a charming, convenient history lesson in your backyard. The tours tell stimulating local history accounts that are not found in textbooks. Students will learn more than just the history of the museum, they will also learn some of the history of the City of Twentynine Palms and surrounding area.

The museum is an excellent tool for historical research. Students are encouraged to tour the museum and ask questions of the tour docents.

How to Prepare for your Guided School Tour

Many students have never been to a museum before. While we want children to respect the museum and its artwork, tours emphasize interaction—we encourage students to talk about what they see and ask questions. Tours aren't a lecture—they are a chance for your class to explore and express themselves.

Understanding basic rules:

The tour will be most successful if you and your students agree to and understand three things:

Before your visit, lead a class discussion to help the students determine how to be safe, engage and have fun in the museum.

What does it means to be safe in a museum?

How do we engage with?

What is the class signal to get students attention?
Your docent will want to know what signal your class uses to get the group's attention when they are on tour (clapping, hand signals, a class word, etc).

Museum Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines are specifically created for educators and parents who will be visiting the museum with school groups. In the interest of public well-being and the safety of the museum's collections, all visitors are expected to comply with museum rules. Please inform students and adults in your group about the following conditions:


Tips and Rules for Visiting School Groups

Following are rules of conduct for students, teachers, and chaperones. They help to protect the safety of the students, preserve museum artifacts, and make the visit enjoyable for everyone.

1. Go over the rules with your students before your museum visit. Docents will remind students of the rules when they arrive at the museum.

2. Try to arrive 15 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin. This will give your docent time to organize your group.

3. The Old Schoolhouse Museum requires 1 adult for every 10 students on a school program and 1 for every 6 for children under 6 years old. Teachers and chaperones must remain with students at all times. Ultimately, they are responsible for the safety and discipline of their students.

4. No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the museum. Water bottles are okay.

5. Anything that rings, beeps, or buzzes must be silenced before the program begins.

6. Do not lean on glass cases, windows, doors or walls.

7. Do not touch anything unless a docent says it is okay.

8. No pushing, running, roughhousing, or shoes with wheels.

9. If a school group cannot comply with the rules, museum staff may end the program.


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