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There is really something for everyone here! It is a one of a kind shop and is managed by Sue McMahan and Melanie Robbins. Our gift shop is located inside the Old Schoolhouse Museum and carries a wide variety of unique gifts for both children and adults.

Spring 2015

by Melanie Robbins

I'm quite sure that I've mentioned before that I'm an avid reader. I usually have a book or magazine in my purse or car and I've been known to pull them out when I have been waiting in line at the grocery store. I've also been known to sit up and read until the wee hours of the morning and then had to get up early to go to work. At home it isn't unusual to find several books and magazines sitting on a pile by my bed, and there are more scattered throughout the house. I give them as gifts and have been known to lend some of them out, although there are a few that I refuse to part with for any reason. I love my electronic reader but there is something about holding that book in my hand as I read that resonates deep in my soul.

The book selection in the Gift Shop is expanding again. This last shipment that arrived had a couple of new titles and they have been received quite well. Sales seem to be steady and I'm preparing to put in orders with a couple of different publishers that will expand our selection a little further. I wonder if the Easter Bunny will stop in and pick up some of the books to put in the baskets this year.

Hand crafted items are always a hit with the voodoo dolls by Laureen Lentz being the surprise favorite. It seems like I'm always begging her to make more and now with spring break quickly approaching, I anticipate more visitors needing little trinkets to help them remember their visit. It's always fun to try to find items that I think would appeal to people walking in the door for the first time.

There is another item that is selling very nicely and that is the "Morongo Basin 100 Year Project" magazine. Imagine holding one hundred years of history in your hands, and for only $5.40. How much did a brand new Studebaker cost? What was the name of the first children's serial that was broadcast on radio? Did you know how many banks failed after Wall Street crashed in 1930? How many U.S. households owned television sets in 1948 and what was the minimum wage in 1938? Learn this and so much more when you stop over and get your own copy of the "Morongo Basin 100 Year Project".

Do drop in to see what's new and remember to tell your friends about the great "stuff," old and new, at the Old Schoolhouse Museum and Gift Shop.

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