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It is very easy to step back in time while visiting this charming and informative museum. The many volunteers of the 29 Palms Historical Society have put countless hours into bringing the past to life. Their efforts have helped illustrate the extraordinary history of this area. The following photos provide you with a taste of the current and past exhibits found at the museum.

Exhibit room

We offer self guided tours and docents are always available to answer any questions.


A Man of Many Hats

Man of many hats exhibit

The above exhibit is not intended to represent any one person or business. Its purpose is to provide glimpses of different businesses that might have been in and around the Twentynine Palms area in the early days.

Many of our area's old timers were indeed “Men of Many Hats.” Some examples:


Pioneers and Homesteaders

Homesteader exhibit

Pioneers of 29 Palms first homesteaded in the early 1920's and had typical daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc. However, harsh weather made things a bit more difficult. In summer, the temperatures can reach over 115 degrees and in winter temps drop to below freezing.


Jackrabbit Homestead exhibit

Jackrabbit Homestead exhibit

Ever wonder about all those little shacks around the desert? Our Jackrabbit Homestead exhibit has answers.


Mining and Miners

Mining exhibit

Mining exhibit created by Marilyn Fernald and Bruce Arnett with the advice of Jim Wharff.

Gold was discovered in the 1870s. Miners were more than willing to live and work in scorching heat during the summer months because they just might strike it rich. Mining continued to be an important occupation in the area but largely ended after World War I.


Sun Purpled Glass

Purple Glass exhibit

Purple Glass exhibit

Purple Glass exhibit

Purple Glass exhibit

Thanks to the efforts of Bruce Arnett and our exhibits curator, Marilyn Fernald, we are now able to display a much greater portion of our purple glass collection.


4-way stoplight and Condor Field floodlight

The original 4-way stoplight from four-corners and the floodlight from the Condor Field tower.
Thanks to founding member Bob Carter for donating the pole and helping to install everything.


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