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The Benito Building

In the winter of 1929-30 Clovis Benito and two of his sons built a building on an acre of land that Clovis and his wife, Mary, had purchased from Harry Boling, Phil Sullivan's son-in-law. It was on the southwest corner of the intersection of what is now Sullivan and Adobe Roads. The building served as a home for the Benitos and also housed a grocery store which was operated by Mary.

Mary's grocery business was a success and after a time she added a gasoline pump out in front and later a kerosene pump. Later in the 1930s the grocery business was moved to a new location at Four Corners. At some point after the store was moved Jay's moved into the building.

The original building stood until 2008 when it was razed by the City.

Benito Grocery store at Sullivan and Adobe Roads on left
and Jay's Lunch on right - 1938

Benito Building after Jay's moved in.

Benito Grocery store, August 2008, shortly before it was razed.

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