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Oral History Interviews

The following oral history interviews are available in our library for research.
Most have been transcribed.

Name Interviewer
Benioff, Ben C. Erickson & A. Kidwell
Benito, Clovis & Mary C. Erickson
Booth, Oran R. Clark
Bower, Frank & Ethel C. Erickson & Bill Bare
Brock, Grace A. Kidwell
Carroll, Lois C. Erickson
Charlton, Irene Zimmers C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Christison, Douglas & Ruth [Deardorff] P. Rimmington
Clark, Amo C. Erickson
Cox, Garlon & Lucille H. Wright & C. Erickson
Deardroff, Herold C. Erickson
Dee, Mildred Stewart C. Erickson
Didsbury, Irene C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Donnell, Lida C. Erickson
Drake, Frances & Ira C. Erickson
Dunn, Ralph & Judy C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Earenfight, Les R. Clark
Ellis, Blanche C. Erickson
Brown, Marjorie Emerson [Robert & Beulah Michels] C. Erickson
Garry, Pat Keys C. Erickson
Gates, Pinkie Garlock C. Erickson
Gier, Irene Mead C. Erickson
Graham, Hilda C. Erickson
Graham, Hilda & Pat Barfield C. Erickson & L. Weight
Harmon, Helen Strickler P. Rimmington
Harz, Lois & Vinton & Mabel Marlow P. Rimmington
Hastie, Johnny C. Erickson
Hastie, Johnny w/Walter & Peggy Brandow & Mary Robbins C. Erickson
Hatch, Ada C. Erickson & H. Weight
Hayes, Ted & Mary C. Erickson & H. Weight
Hester, Jim R. Clark
Hunt, Valerie Hinshaw C. Erickson
Holderman, Lena C. Erickson
Holmes, William A. Kidwell
Huber, Major C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Hutchinson, Evelyn A. Kidwell
Ince, Sally C. Erickson & H. Weight
Jones, Onie Overbay A. Kidwell & C. Erickson
Kee, John C. Erickson & T. Hayes
Kennedy, Margaret Harold & L. Weight
Keys, William Steve Smith
Krushat, Art & Sarah H. Wright & C. Erickson
Leahy, Dan R. Clark
Leahy, Dan H. Weight & C. Erickson
Malone, Don C. Erickson
Malone, Don & Don LePage G. Salisbury-D. Steven & P. Rimmington
Malone, Kathryn P. Rimmington
Malone, K.- Sarah Krushat & Hilda Graham C. Erickson & H. Weight
Martin, Maude C. Erickson
Meidell, Phyllis Keys C. Erickson
Meyer, John R. Clark
Michels, Bob & Beulah C. Erickson & H. Weight
Porter, Harley C. Erickson
Poste, Jim & Elise w/Lida Donnell C. Erickson
Randolph, Katherine A. Kidwell
Reifel, William A. Gartner
Reiley, Susan Luckie Moore A. Gartner & P. Smith
Saunders, Robert C. Erickson & H. Weight
Schneider, Robert A. Kidwell
Seely, Bill C. Erickson & H. Weight
Shay, Win R. Clark
Shelton, Clifford & Alma C. Erickson & H. Weight
Smiley, Gene C. Erickson
Smith, Bill R. Clark
Smith, Dr. Edward Lincoln Harold & H. Weight/Erickson
Smith, Harry & Thelma - Pat Smith C. Erickson
Smith, Phil & Dorothy C. Erickson
Stoneciper, Marjorie Pody P. Rimmington
Strickler, Helen & Harmon P. Rimmington
Strickler, Dorothy Porter P. Rimmington
Struck, Nelle Godwin C. Erickson
Struck, Nelle Godwin R. Clark
Stubbs, EG & Opal H & L Weight, C. Erickson
Sullivan, Sydney R. Clark
Tubman, Henry C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Van Lahr, Bob C. Erickson & P. Rimmington
Violette, Eve R. Clark

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