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The Red Hot Auction is back!

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Saturday, March 25, 6:30 p.m. at the
Old Schoolhouse Museum.

Here is a list of some the items for the auction.

  1. Noble Richardson Serigraph - framed
  2. Noble Richardson Serigraph - framed
  3. Mary Black watercolor - matted
  4. Twentynine Palms Game
  5. Doll teeter-totter - wood
  6. Oneida Silverware Set - in box
  7. Memorex TV, disc player...Retro
  8. Tony Soares Pot
  9. Deck of cards, dice & chips in box
  10. Etched Leave stem-ware - 11 piece
  11. Brass utensils - 5 piece
  12. Mini washboard
  13. Charles Russell Prints - 3 - framed
  14. Wrought Iron Bird Cages - 2 (rustic)
  15. Silver Serving Dishes
  16. Oak display case
  17. Assorted glassware
  18. Glass Apple
  19. Hand Painted Porcelain stamp holder - 24k gold trimmed
  20. Glass Candle Sticks
  21. Electric Keyboard Piano
  22. Extremely Retro 'Members Only' jacket - Gray XL
  23. Hand made bead Jewelry
  24. Misc Children's Toys
  25. Misc Pottery, Bottles, KnickKnacks
  26. Treadmill
  27. Christmas Drummer Boy
  28. Gas built-in Cooktop
  29. Jack stands
  30. Camper Lift Jacks
  31. Black & Decker Workmate
  32. 2 - End Tables (Oak & White)
  33. Cement Mixer
  34. Ab Roller
  35. Step Block
  36. Wooden Ladder (Poor condition)
  37. Pasta Express
  38. Atlas Pasta Maker
  39. 8 qt. Spaghetti Cooker
  40. Spaetzle Maker
  41. French Press Coffee Maker
  42. Wooden Knife Block
  43. Ceramic Sour Cream Boat
  44. Fruit Bowl
  45. Chinese Bowl w/utensils
  46. Conair Jumbo Rollers
  47. Nativity Scene
  48. Misc Picture Frames
  49. Roadrunner ceramic plate (Original art)
  50. Joshua Tree ceramic vase (Original art)
  51. Framed Mural Prints
  52. Antique radios
  53. Assorted jewelry
  54. Hot tub (4 - person, 300 gallon) with steps and cover
  55. Mosaic "In My Garden" by Cathy Snodgrass
  56. Many Many books
  57. Metal Sulpture
  58. Painting - Desert Scene

And so much more!!

Howdy Ya’ll Were Back,

That’s right, Greg and Larry are back from camp, we thought we was doing that feller a favor hauling all that junk away. Well that is all past us now and President Les has recruited us to help raise money for the Old School House expansion. Me and Greg has some really good ideas about how to get the money but President Les turned all red and said some silly thing about illegal so we settled on another Red Hot Auction.

Yep, on Saturday night the 25th of March at the Old School House on National Park Drive starting at 6:30 we gonna have us a silent auction and at 7:30 start us a live auction, Yea Ha. Just like the last time we need yur help to make it happen. You need to mark your calendar now and then start looking around for useful stuff you may have that could be donated to the Historical Society and auctioned off. If your items has a good story to go along with them all the better, if not we just make something up even though that makes President Les turn all red again.

We are available to come by and pick up your stuff you want to donate so all you need to do is call us and we will be by to pick it up. We can get you a tax donation receipt which we like better than those dang Sheriff’s reports we always being named on for some reason that ain’t mine or Greg’s fault.

Larry 760-910-3886      Les 760-861-5801

Give us a call for pick up or any information you may need and we look forward to seeing you there. Just remember there ain’t no funner time to be had than at the Red Hot Auction garonteed. And it don’t cost nothing to come and we will have free refreshments for ya. Bring some friends if you got some.


In 1927, The County Superintendent of Schools, Ida Collins, stated, “Not one dollar of County money for a building will you get from me.” That didn’t stop the school from being built then. I wasn’t there, but the story is, the community came together and made it happen. The Historical Society has had a building fund going for a few years and has a significant amount in savings for the addition. The cost keeps rising and additional rules and regulations come up over time. So now is the time. With that same Spirit of community, we can make it happen again. Whether you help by donating, buying, or by grabbing a hammer and helping with the construction, we can all help somehow. Let’s have a great time at the Red Hot Auction as we kick off the next great community project that we will build working together.

Larry Bowden

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