Twentynine Palms Historical Society
29 Palms, California

29 Palms Annual Weed Show

November 1st and 2nd 2008

2008 Weed Show Winners

154 total entries

Category 1A

Arrangement using Museum Quality Purple Glass as accessory.

12 entries

First: Gwenda Harley

Second: Peg Feldman

Third: Larry Bowden

Hon. Mention: Teresa Peacock

Category: 1B

Composition using Broken Purple Glass.

16 entries

First: Velma Holland

Second: Larry Bowden

Third: Ted Myers

Hon. Mention: Dana Bowden

Category: 2A

3" x 3" x 3" overall composition.

13 entries

First: Velma Holland

Second: Peg Feldman

Third: Lisa Pits

Hon. Mention: Alan Anthony

Category: 2B

6" x 6" x 6" overall composition.

8 entries

First: Peg Feldman

Second: Velma Holland

Third: David Bhkg

Hon. Mention: Larry Bowden

Category: 3

Composition with sand and an item(s) that contained water as an accessory.

23 entries

First: Larry Bowden

Second: Peg Feldman

Third: Ted Myers

Hon. Mention: Candy Jo Keserich

Category: 4

Composition with rusty item(s) as an accessory.

24 entries

First: Peg Feldman

Second: Sue McMahan

Third: Velma Holland

Hon. Mention: Marilyn Fernald

Category: 5

Composition with mining accessory.

11 entries

First: Lucy Clark

Second: Marilyn Fernald

Third: Dana Bowden

Hon. Mention: Candy Jo Keserich

Category: 6

Composition with accessory of Indian life.

17 entries

First: L.P. Imoka

Second: Marilyn Fernald

Third: Dot de Gennaro

Hon. Mention: Ted Myers

Category: 7

Composition larger than 20" x 16" x 30".

6 entries

First: Carol Reid

Second: Dana Bowden

Third: Melodie Allen

Hon. Mention: Doreen Chamberlin

Category: 8

Composition containing any found object, for children ages 4 – 12 only.

5 entries

First: Emma Yeager

Second: Rollie Bowden

Third: Camerin Rimmington

Hon. Mention: Ashley Peacock

Category: 9

Weird weeds – one weed skeleton only.

19 entries

First: L.P. Imoka

Second: Sue McMahan

Third: Pat Rimmington

Hon. Mention: Dana Bowden

People’s Choice

Herman Platzke

Pictures of 2008 winning entries.

2008 Rules and category descriptions.

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